NY Among Early Adopters of AI Robots as Companions for Older Adults
The number of adults reaching retirement age in the United States is climbing yearly. In 2019, adults aged 65 and older represented 16% of the population, totaling more than 54 million. While many of these adults are still living independently, a growing number is aging in... Read more
AI in Logistics: The Ultimate Disrupter; How to Manage Last Mile Costs
Over half the total cost incurred by Logistics companies falls in the execution of first and last-mile services.  Logistics companies are seeking to reduce costs by making the transportation process faster, more reliable, and more efficient.  With the growing digitization of the logistics industry, more and... Read more
How AI is Changing Creativity, and How You Can Use it Too
The limits and expectations of creativity are always being expanded upon: new tools are being created, new techniques discovered, new artists entering the scene. Now more than ever, AI is being considered in all three of those aspects. It begs the question, how is AI changing... Read more