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Machine Learning Positioned for Mass Adoption

Machine Learning Pos...

Every few years, it’s exciting to witness a nascent technology emerge as a credibly disruptive influence around the world.  Personal computing exploded in the 1980s, the web in the 1990s.  Today, machine learning for the masses is on the brink of a similar explosion. Remember when it was a stretch to think that Granny could […]

Age Of Centaurs – The Rise of Hybrid Intelligence

Age Of Centaurs – ...

Abstract: The past year has seen a wave of new “AI” based services: ClaraLabs and use AI schedule your meetings, Pana books your travels, Facebook’s M is your new personal assistant. While AI technology has advanced tremendously, the real breakthrough of these services is a conceptual one: they use AI to augment human intelligence, […]

One Small Move on the Go Board, One Giant Move for AI

One Small Move on th...

The deep learning arms race is one carried out in research labs at some of the biggest companies across the world. Microsoft Research recently scored a point over its competitors in the field of image recognition with “ultra deep learning,” a technique that allows for many layered neural networks while still allowing for the feedback […]

The Definitive Guide to Natural Language Processing

The Definitive Guide...

This blog post by Javier Couto (@jahey00000) Data Scientist at Tryolabs, gives you a clear and comprehensive overview of the state of Natural Language Processing, its applications, and main concepts. A great read to understand what NLP is all about and how it is used in our everyday life.