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Dan Von Kohorn – “…Using Data for Investment Management & Trading”

Dan Von Kohorn ̵...

Abstract: We will briefly survey industry trends and techniques for using data to inform portfolio management and active trading. Bio: Dan Von Kohorn co-founded v2 Ratings, a quantitative investment ratings firm serving hedge funds and institutional investors. v2 Ratings integrates economic models with machine learning to rate securities based on risk-adjusted relative value. Dan is […]

Jesse Johnson at BDF 2015 | “From Hyperbolic Geometry to Data Clustering”

Jesse Johnson at BDF...

Abstract: Many of the ideas and algorithms involved in machine learning/data science can be thought of as discovering geometric patterns and shapes in a collection of data points. From this perspective, common data science problems can be translated into geometry problems, and solved with (abstract) geometric tools. In this talk, I will explain how ideas […]

Steve Gallant | “Using Free Text for Predictive Modeling”

Steve Gallant | R...

Abstract: This is an introductory overview of how to efficiently represent text (and images) for predictive analytics. Applications include Sentiment Analysis, classifying news stories or emails, building marketing models (acquisition, churn), and anomaly detection. The key technique is how to transform text (of varying length), as well as sentence or document structure, into a single, […]

Diego Klabjan at BDF 2015 | “Personalized recommendations from web events in Spark”

Diego Klabjan at BDF...

Abstract: On a web portal users bid for projects, each one – users and projects – having many features. Due to a large number of projects at any point in time, only specific projects should be recommended to a user to potentially bid on on a daily basis. Because of the large size of underlying […]

Christina Qi at BDF 2015 | “Fast and Smart: A Paradox in Quantitative Trading”

Christina Qi at BDF ...

Abstract: Domeyard is a low latency trading firm. This talk presents a common paradox in the context of quantitative trading and how advancements in technology can confront this problem. Bio: Christina Qi co-founded Domeyard LP, a quantitative hedge fund based in Boston. Domeyard leverages computational models to execute trades at extremely low latencies, deploying capital […]

Patrick Surry at BDF 2015 | “Buy or Wait? How the Bunny Predicts When to Buy Your Plane Ticket”

Patrick Surry at BDF...

Abstract: Buying a plane ticket is a time-consuming and frustrating process that often leaves the consumer unhappy. Flight prices are less transparent and fluctuate more than almost anything else a consumer buys, even though airfare is one of the most expensive purchases for a typical family. On average, consumers spend almost two weeks comparison shopping […]

Aparna Kumar & Hisham Talukdar Interview | BDF 2015

Aparna Kumar & ...

In this interview with ODSC, Aparna and Hisham delve into term modeling and logistic regression at Dow Jones.

Dave King Interview | BDF 2015

Dave King Interview ...

In this interview with ODSC, Dave explains the meaning behind Exaptive, and how his company facilitates “a-ha” moments. He also discusses some other high level topics, including how data science building blocks come together in an application that facilitates an end user’s cognitive process.

Rob Haslinger Interview | BDF 2015

Rob Haslinger Interv...

In this interview with ODSC, Rob shares some details about Maxpoint’s new open source Python package for bayesian logistic regressions. View Rob’s talk here.