Julia for Management/Analysis of Johns Hopkins COVID Data
Like many analytics geeks, I’ve been tracking data on the Covid pandemic since early spring. My source is the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, with files for download made available at midnight Central time. I’ve established a pretty significant R infrastructure in JupyterLab to... Read more
AI and the Fight Against Covid-19
The ever-expanding capabilities of AI evoke fear in some quarters. On one side you have prominent AI researchers, like Stuart Russell, warning about impending disaster, and on the other, you have equally notable scholars, like Andrew Ng, offering a more tempered view. I support the notion... Read more
ODSC Virtual Conference COVID-19 Data Science Videos Available to Watch for Free
During last week’s ODSC East 2020 Virtual Conference, we hosted a number of sessions on the most important topic of today – COVID-19, aka Coronavirus. These talks showed how data science and AI can be used in the realm of pandemics, ranging from diagnosis and spreading,... Read more
Data Visualization and Dashboards in the Era of Covid-19
Data visualization is the presentation of your data analysis in a pictorial or graphical format. Its goal is to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users and enable decision-makers so they can grasp difficult concepts. It’s about techniques and forms of art as much as tools... Read more
Coronavirus Data Science Research Papers to Read Right Now
As new events become the focal point of news, so does the focus of many researchers. Ranging from automating detection to novel ways of predicting potential outbreak scenarios, these are some trending data science research papers on COVID-19, aka Coronavirus.  Rapid AI Development Cycle for the... Read more
Call for Collaboration: Data Science and COVID-19 – Modeling and Future Assumptions
Update 3/20/2020: An initial conclusion has been made and is added at the bottom of the original article. Update 3/17/2020: This analysis & repository is ongoing. If you’d like to contribute to this open-source project, please email Alex (alex.l@odsc.com) and Ben (ben.vigoda@gamalon.com) to request access to... Read more