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TRVE DATA skeptical of cloud storage

TRVE DATA skeptical ...

In 2014, after 7 years in startups and internet companies, I left LinkedIn to take a sabbatical. (“Sabbatical” sounds better than “unemployment”, don’t you think?) For a year I worked full-time on my book, and explored what I wanted to do next. Then last year an opportunity came up that was just perfect. I started […]

Dan Lambright at BDF 2015 | “Intrusion Detection in the Cloud”

Dan Lambright at BDF...

Abstract: Administrators use Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to alert when hackers attack their systems. These tools have been very effective in traditional networks. But running an IDS “as-a-service” in the cloud is a relatively unexplored topic and interesting questions arise: –How does one configure an IDS within a software defined network? –Do popular open source […]

Niall O’Connor at BDF2015 | “Designing for Encryption Performance”

Niall O’Connor at ...

Abstract: This talk offers an application developer’s perspective on encryption performance. The latest Intel chipsets offer accelerated AES encryption instruction sets. At GenoSpace we investigated if the claims made by Intel could be observed in a real world healthcare application. We saw significant impacts in performance regarding the choice of provider library, a design decision […]

Adriel Desautels at BDF 2015 | “The secretive zero day exploit market”

Adriel Desautels at ...

Abstract: The secretive zero-day exploit market. and zero-day exploits themselves are both misunderstood and misrepresented. Zero-day exploits are dual purpose tools that take advantage of existing vulnerabilities in software. Those vulnerabilities are created by software vendors during the software development lifecycle and not by the researchers creating the zero-day exploits. Zero-day exploits are valuable from […]