How to Use Data Mining in Cybersecurity
The amount of data circulating across industries and throughout the business world is almost incomprehensible. From large corporations to small businesses, it’s never been more important to gather vast amounts of raw data and have dedicated IT personnel sift through them to find patterns, discover valuable... Read more
A Primer on Resilient Intelligent Systems
Editor’s note: Dan Shiebler is a speaker for ODSC West this November 1st-3rd. Be sure to check out his talk, “Resilient Machine Learning,” there! The world around us is shaped by intelligent systems that solve problems. These systems process large amounts of raw and structured data... Read more
Detecting Adversarial Attacks with Subset Scanning
Editor’s note: Celia Cintas, PhD, is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 this November 1st-3rd. Be sure to check out her talk, “A Tale of Adversarial Attacks & Out-of-Distribution Detection Stories in the Activation Space,” there to learn more about detecting adversarial attacks! Deep neural networks... Read more
3 Ways to Protect Your Code from Software Supply Chain Attacks
Supply chain attacks are intended to benefit from the trust that has grown between a business and a select number of outside partners. Considering that businesses use a wide variety of third-party software for communication, meetings, and the deployment of websites, among other things, it is... Read more
Training Machine Learning Algorithms to Recognize Fraud Patterns
Machine learning is increasing in usage across several industries, from manufacturing and engineering to retail and marketing. While ML has many applications, the average person has yet to understand it fully. In simple terms, ML allows software applications to continuously improve over time and better predict... Read more
An Introduction to Port Scans and Port Protection
When it comes to cybercrime, an attacker’s primary goal is to gain access to your systems, using one of the many tools in their arsenal to do so. Considering that a ransomware attack happens every 11 seconds in the United States, data breaches and system corruption... Read more
A Guide to Cybersecurity Testing: Everything You Should Know
As organizations scale and add new technologies to make work more efficient within the company, they also have to increase their security, such as with improved cybersecurity testing. This became evident at the start of the pandemic when major gaps in the cybersecurity of companies that... Read more
Exploring the Security Vulnerabilities of Neural Networks
Neural networks have remarkable disruptive potential, but this makes their vulnerabilities more concerning. As helpful as these machine learning models can be, they could cause considerable damage if hackers infiltrate them. It’s important to recognize these risks to develop and implement neural networks safely. As neural... Read more
Building Secure ML Starts with Understanding the Landscape: Oracle’s Perspective
With so many businesses implementing machine learning (ML) into their tech stack, it’s no wonder we’re seeing increases in the volume and variety of cybersecurity threats. If engineers want to deploy machine learning models throughout the enterprise, they must acknowledge these risks and move from a... Read more
A Brief Overview of the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity
Editor’s Note: Dr. Sagar Samtani is a speaker for ODSC East 2022 this April 19th-21st. Be sure to check out his talk, An Overview of AI for Cybersecurity: An Overview of the Field and Promising Future Directions, there to learn more about the role of artificial... Read more