5 Cybersecurity Tips for Data Warehousing
Data warehousing makes large-scale AI and machine learning applications much more manageable. While having everything in one place enables faster, more accurate analysis, it also introduces some security challenges. These large, consolidated databases are tempting targets for cybercriminals, so they need thorough protection. Just as data... Read more
How AI Enhances Data Encryption
Data encryption is an essential part of modern cybersecurity. It renders data unreadable to unauthorized users, ensuring sensitive information stays private, even if breached. Still, most encryption practices are imperfect, but artificial intelligence is improving things. As AI becomes more reliable and accessible, security professionals use... Read more
12 Common Data Security Bad Practices to Avoid
You might be falling for common data security pitfalls without even realizing it. Knowing which mistakes you’re making can help you enhance your defenses. Do you unintentionally use any of these bad practices? 1. Not Encrypting Data Not encrypting your data in transit and at rest... Read more
AI-Driven Solutions to Battle Spear Phishing Attacks
Cybercrime is one of the most prominent threats facing modern businesses. Even with today’s advanced security technology, breaches are still common, largely because of human error. Cybercriminals know this, too, so they target human weaknesses through spear phishing. What Is Spear Phishing? Phishing is an attack... Read more
How Data Security Posture Management Protects Against Data Breaches
The number of annual data breaches gets higher each year. In 2012, records show there were 447 data breaches in the United States. Ten years later, in 2022, researchers recorded 1,800 cases of data compromise. In Q1 of 2023, as many as 6.41 million data records... Read more
Strengthening Cybersecurity with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Integration
In today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, organizations face increasingly sophisticated threats that challenge traditional security models. To counter these risks, a paradigm shift is underway toward a more robust and effective approach called Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). ZTNA has gained significant importance as a proactive... Read more
How AI and ML are Reshaping Cybersecurity: Advancing Towards the Best SIEM Alternatives
It is given that organizations should have an effective way of managing all information about their security and be capable of addressing security events as they arise. That’s why since its introduction in 2005, security information and event management (SIEM) has been regarded as a vital... Read more
Best Practices for Data Lake Security
In today’s world, digital and computer technology is essential for businesses to operate efficiently. Rather than using paper records, data is now collected and stored using digital tools. However, even digital information has to be stored somewhere.  While databases were the traditional way to store large... Read more
Automating Remediation Processes for Data Security Posture Management
If you are looking into data security posture management, I’m sure you realize that automating remediation activities for data security posture management is a vital tool for maintaining the security and integrity of data inside an organization. Automating these processes enables organizations to identify and respond... Read more
Botnet Detection at Scale – Lessons Learned From Clustering Billions of Web Attacks Into Botnets
Editor’s note: Ori Nakar is a speaker for ODSC Europe this June. Be sure to check out his talk, “Botnet detection at scale – Lesson learned from clustering billions of web attacks into botnets,” there! A common problem in the cybersecurity industry is how to detect... Read more