What Does a Data Engineering Job Involve in 2024?
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How to Shift from Data Science to Data Engineering
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10 Data Engineering Topics and Trends You Need to Know in 2024
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8 Data Lake Vendors to Make Your Data Life Easier in 2023
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The 30 Most Useful Python Libraries for Data Engineering
For the upcoming Data Engineering Summit on January 18th, we’ve reached out to some of the top experts in the field to speak on the topic. We observed from our discussions and research that the most popular data engineering programming languages include Python, Java, Scala, R,... Read more
Ten Areas of Data Engineering Every Team Should Excel At
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Announcing the Free Virtual Data Engineering Summit January 18th
ODSC and Ai+ couldn’t be more excited to announce our first-ever Data Engineering Summit. This free virtual event will take place on January 18th, 2023, and will be a full day of expert-led instruction in data engineering and related topics. The Data Engineering Summit is designed... Read more
How to Start Your Next Data Engineering Project
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What to Consider When Building Data Pipelines
In 2021 we watched Fivetran raise $565 million, Airbyte $150 Million, Matillion $100 million, Rivery raised $16 million and Informatica went public. All of these companies have some piece of their business connected to data pipelines. Also sometimes referenced as ETL, ELT, E(t)LT, and CDC. For... Read more
A Day in the Life of a Data Engineer
The first time I considered becoming a data professional was in my last year of college when I took a class in machine learning and big data. I saw the potential impact and use cases of machine learning that have simply not been seen before. Even... Read more