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The NYPD May Have Been Systematically Ticketing Legally Parked Cars

The NYPD May Have Be...

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of #ODSC Millions of Dollars a Year, and Open Data just put an end to it New York City is a complex place to drive.  And when it comes to parking, there are plenty of rules and regulations to follow.  It’s no wonder that sometimes […]

In NYC, More Robberies Happen Right When School Gets Out than Any Other Time

In NYC, More Robberi...

By: Ben Wellington, Data Scientist – Two Sigma As noted in my last post comparing NYC neighborhood murder rates to American cities, the City has finally released raw crime data for the first time in its history. But the more I look at data released by other cities, the more the data released by NYC seems simply […]

Uncovering Corruption on the Tennis Court

Uncovering Corruptio...

You have probably heard by now about Buzzfeed’s investigation into match-fixing in tennis. Based on the betting numbers of 26,000 matches, John Templon and Heidi Blake unearthed some of the dark practices in international tennis tournaments. The original data and methodology was recently made public on BuzzFeed’s github repo. And the actual code the journalists […]

Mapping the Conflict in Syria: A Design Process

Mapping the Conflict...

Data science is all about stories.  Irene Ros, Director of Data Visualization at Bocoup, walks us through the design and thought processes behind the crafting of an article for the GlobalPost —  “A Daily Hustle to Survive: This is the Life of a Syrian Refugee.” From finding the data to coming up with the right […]