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Scraping CRAN with rvest

Scraping CRAN with r...

I am one of the organizers for a session at userR 2017 this coming July that will focus on discovering and learning about R packages. How do R users find packages that meet their needs? Can we make this process easier? As somebody who is relatively new to the R world compared to many, this […]

The Official Open Data Science March Madness Bracket

The Official Open Da...

Today is the first day of the most exciting event in sports, that’s right I’m talking about the NCAA Basketball Tourney aka “March Madness.” And we here at Open Data Science have totally caught March Madness fever and have decided to try our hand at making a bracket of predictions. Since we’re in the business of data […]

Will My Kiva Loan Get Funded?

Will My Kiva Loan Ge...

Web Scraping Project contributed by Christian Holmes – Data Science Student in the NYC Data Science Academy Bootcamp Kiva Basics Microlending has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you’ve never heard of the concept before, microlending is a method of poverty alleviation implemented in the developing world. Small amounts of capital is loaned to people who would […]

Finding a dream house? Data help!

Finding a dream hous...

Web Scraping Project contributed by Jingyu Zhang – Data Science Student in the NYC Data Science Academy Bootcamp The Portland, Oregon metro area has a lot to offer. A 90 minute drive west brings you to the beach. In the opposite direction there’s a snow-capped mountain. It has a thriving food and wine scene, a […]

Amazon will make $41B this Holiday Season! Forecasting Quarterly Revenue

Amazon will make $41...

The holiday shopping season is in full swing! The economy is relatively strong compared to a few years back and so retail sales are probably going to be strong especially for amazon. Other retailers like Target and Wal-Mart are also running amazing black Friday and holiday sales to attract customers. However, amazon has consistently shown […]

How to Search for Census Data from R

How to Search for Ce...

In my course Learn to Map Census Data in R I provide people with a handful of interesting demographics to analyze. This is convenient for teaching, but people often want to search for other demographic statistics. To address that, today I will work through an example of starting with a simple demographic question and using […]

Trump and Clinton Speeches, Step 1: Text Mining

Trump and Clinton Sp...

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of #ODSC, nor do they necessarily reflect the views of Edward’s employer. Part 1 Obtaining Transcripts for Campaign Trail Speeches The political season is long and arduous.  As a former Ohioan I dreaded any election year because it is punctuated with endless negative and inflammatory […]

The Morality of Data Collection

The Morality of Data...

I just returned from Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose, where I gave a talk entitled “Kosher Collection: Best Practices in Data Handling“.  I really had an amazing time at Strata this year and major kudos to the organizers for putting on a great show. The central premise of my talk is that in […]

Win Customer Loyalty with Predictive Analytics

Win Customer Loyalty...

Winning your customer for life is a challenging task for organizations. How can you connect with your customer and how can you ensure that they stay with your organization for a long time? Questions that many organizations face.  Fortunately, with the advance of big data and analytics, it has become a little bit easier for […]