Minerva Singh on Social Media Mining and Business Applications
Editor’s note: Minerva Singh will be speaking on the Ai+ Training platform on December 14th. Be sure to check out the session, “Web Scraping & Social Media Mining for Text Analysis & NLP” for 10% off now. Text analytics, social media mining, and web scraping are... Read more
5 Benefits of Using Social Media Data Mining
We joke that Facebook can hear us as we go about our day, but the reality is much different. These companies don’t need to listen in to learn about our habits, preferences, and activities—it turns out, we’re predictable.  All talk of SkyNet aside, it can be... Read more
General Tips for Web Scraping with Python
The great majority of the projects about machine learning or data analysis I write about here on Bigish-Data have an initial step of scraping data from websites. And since I get a bunch of contact emails asking me to give them either the data I’ve scraped myself, or... Read more
An example of web scraping with R: Online Food Blogs
In this blog post I will discuss web scraping using R. As an example, I will consider scraping data from online food blogs to construct a data set of recipes. This data set contains ingredients, a short description, nutritional information and user ratings. Then, I will... Read more