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Ongoing Education: A New Imperative for Data Scientists

Ongoing Education: A...

Editor’s Note: Get 10% off Devavrat’s new MIT course with the code: DSXODSC10.  Forbes magazine recently dubbed Data Science, “The Century’s Hottest Career”. Companies in every industry, from consumer packaged goods to health care, around the globe are drowning in data and need people who can make meaningful sense of it all. No doubt, there is a […]

Most Valued Skills for Data Scientists

Most Valued Skills f...

As an Executive Recruiter, I converse with talented Data Scientists on a daily basis. Not only does this provide a unique vantage point on companies’ data strategies, but it allows for a firm understanding of the most valued trends and skills in the marketplace. Forward-thinking companies (Airbnb, Uber, Stitch Fix, Instacart, and Spotify, to name […]

Open Data Science Courses

Open Data Science Co...

Bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-cornelissen-4260224

How I Became a Data Scientist

How I Became a Data ...

Abstract: This non-technical talk will describe how the presenter transitioned from a software developer in a corporate IT to a data scientist in a startup, with a focus on the practical lessons learned and interesting points observed along the way. Bio: Owen Zhang is the Chief Product Officer at DataRobot, and is ranked #1 on the Kaggle […]

Data Science: Guidance for Firms and Aspiring Practitioners

Data Science: Guidan...

Abstract: Over the past few years, more and more firms are rushing to hire data scientists. Meanwhile, a huge number of jobseekers are trying to break into the industry. This should come as no surprise – in 2012, the Harvard Business Review called data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century. The notion that […]

Top 10 Cities Hiring Data Scientists in the U.S.

Top 10 Cities Hiring...

By: Jason O’Rawe – ODSC data science team contributor This year’s ODSC East includes a career fair with many top companies hiring data scientists and engineers from entry level to experienced positions. A career in Data science is still considered one of the best jobs of the 21st century. Indeed, the viral 2012 article from […]