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Hackathon Results, Gates Foundation & ODSC

Hackathon Results, G...

Health. It’s perhaps the thickest thread that runs throughout the human race. What more could we relate than the continuous, futile war against our mortality? In certain areas of the world this war is fought with the most advanced weapons known to man – the best medicines, the best doctors, the best technology. In others, […]

Tech Tackles Cancer with St. Baldrick’s.

Tech Tackles Cancer ...

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is the largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants.  Boston Based tech entrepreneur Chris Lynch is spearheading a $100M campaign to galvanize the tech community behind funding research to cure childhood cancers. We fully support this effort. Please read Chris’s message below. I want to invite you to participate in […]

How to (Nearly) Win a Senior Data Science Competition!

How to (Nearly) Win ...

Hi! I’m Maxime Voisin, a 21-years-old machine learning enthusiast. For the summer, Dataiku integrated me in their fantastic data science team. I hit the ground running, working on a $10,000 data-for-good competition with three colleagues… and was awarded the 3rd prize. Here’s my attempt to share the methodology that (nearly) won this data science competition! […]

Mobile Devices and The Inversion of Control

Mobile Devices and T...

The rise of internet-enabled mobile devices is rapidly changing our ability to measure and report on aggregate human activity and is enabling bottom-up, collaborative cartography of economic, social and political microstructure at a previously unprecedented scale. This trend has far-reaching consequences for countries where such incumbent structures are barriers to development: Monopolistic price setters, local […]

7 Sins in NYC

7 Sins in NYC...

When Vito Corleone, the head of the Corleone crime family in the movie “The Godfather”, was shot on the street of New York by hitmen, I was shocked. I was shocked not just because I was so immersed in the movie, but also due to one sentence echoing in my mind: “no one is an island”. […]

The Morality of Data Collection

The Morality of Data...

I just returned from Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose, where I gave a talk entitled “Kosher Collection: Best Practices in Data Handling“.  I really had an amazing time at Strata this year and major kudos to the organizers for putting on a great show. The central premise of my talk is that in […]

A Decade of Statehood Stability

A Decade of Statehoo...

The Fund for Peace is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing violence worldwide. One of their initiatives is the Fragile States Index (F.S.I), a yearly ranking of the stability of countries around the world. Each ranking is the sum of twelve factors rated on a scale of one (the best) to ten (the worst) that […]

ODSC East 2016 | Emily Fuhrman & Michael Hassin – “Data Visualization for Social Good”

ODSC East 2016 | Emi...

Abstract: In this session, we will examine the process and implications of storytelling by composing and visualizing open data. We will focus on two areas. First, the weather across New York City is fairly uniform, but the temperature inside its buildings is not. Visualizing the frequency of 311 service calls about inadequate heat during winter […]

Data Science Volunte...

By: Julia Lien – ODSC data science team contributor Looking for a data science volunteering opportunity but not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get you started.   Volunteer at conferences like ODSC East. Skill level required: minimal Volunteering at conferences is one of the best and low threshold ways to get […]