What Are the Best European Cities for Jobs in Data Science?
Within the past few months, European cities have entered the global stage to compete in an artificial intelligence (AI) arms race with tech hubs in the United States and China. While the high concentration of innovative companies in Silicon Valley or the busy streets lined with Fortune 500 companies... Read more
8 Rising Stars of Data Science
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IBM’s Data Science Experience
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Guest Blogger Cezary Podkul discusses Keeping Governments Accountable with Open Data Science Blog Post
Doing open data science on government financials is not easy. A lot of the info is not, well, open. The good news is that data on government spending, borrowing, pensions and the like exists, but often lies hidden in bulky PDFs that are difficult to work with. In my... Read more
The Last Conference You Will Ever Attend
Visitors to this site are obviously no strangers to open source data science. Take R for example. R is the epitome of a successful open source project, having become one of the most popular languages for data analysis and used by millions. It is a thriving open-source project supported... Read more