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Visualizing Professional Tennis Upsets: ATP 2012-2014 Men’s Singles Matches

Visualizing Professi...

Exploratory Data Analysis Visualization Project contributed by Tyler Knutson – Data Science Student in the NYC Data Science Academy Bootcamp Context Men’s professional tennis is unique in that despite the dominance of a select few competitors at the top of the ATP world rankings, upsets do occur regularly.  How dominant are these top players?  Consider […]

Mapping Amazon, Wal-Mart & Target Warehouses: Which route would Santa take to visit every warehouse in the US?

Mapping Amazon, Wal-...

Editor’s note: Opinions and views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of #ODSC Let’s face it, if you’re American and you celebrate Christmas chances are you have visited Target, Wal-Mart or shopped at this holiday season.  Even if you haven’t shopped there you probably are getting something from one of these retailers…let’s hope […]

Visualizing the Relationship Between Infant Mortality Rates & Resource Availability

Visualizing the Rela...

Introduction We know that war and civil unrest account for a significant proportion of deaths every year, but how much can mortality rates be attributed to a simple lack of basic resources and amenities, and what relationship do mortality rates have with such factors? That’s what I set out to uncover using WorldBank data that […]

Visualizing Top Tweeps with t-SNE, in Javascript

Visualizing Top Twee...

I was looking into various ways of embedding unlabeled, high-dimensional data in 2 dimensions for visualization. A wide variety of methods have been proposed for this task. This Review paper from 2009 contains nice references to many of them (PCA, Kernel PCA, Isomap, LLE, Autoencoders, etc.). If you have Matlab available, the Dimensionality Reduction Toolbox […]

Thinking about Starting Your Own Business? Check GEM First!

Thinking about Start...

Why Visualizing GEM? As one of the most dynamic markets in the world, my homeland China, is now undergoing a huge economic transformation.  A friend once told me that almost everyone born after 95s’ in China is now thinking about starting his own business. Putting aside the credibility of this claim, his words indeed incited […]

Spatial Analysis, Is Airbnb even Legal in NYC?

Spatial Analysis, Is...

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of #ODSC . Airbnb boasts almost two million listings in 34,000 cities, and according to data from Inside Airbnb, a independent data analysis website, listed about 36000 apartments in New York as of July 5, 2016. This data exploration sets out to visualize how Airbnb […]

Telling Stories with Data ( 32 min )

Telling Stories with...

How Do You Do It and Why is It Important? Abstract: People don’t remember numbers, they remember stories. If you want to communicate your data-driven findings to an audience, and you actually want people to take action based on them, then you need to be able to tell a compelling story with your numbers. As […]

Election Manipulation Through Data Visualization

Election Manipulatio...

While verbal communication is a necessary skill for any data scientist, visual communication is becoming more important for maximizing impact. Viz is hard, it requires a different skillset and recognition that your design choices can manipulate the story. As Data Scientists drift into the forbidden realms of artistic expression, I’m engrossed by the question “How […]

What Can Baby Names Tell Us About Narcissists?

What Can Baby Names ...

Introduction: How might baby names lead to narcissism? Imagine you are walking down the street when someone calls out your name. You turn around finding a girl that looks familiar–you know you guys have met but you can’t remember where. She starts chatting with you and it is obvious that she remembers you well. But you […]