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Deep Learning Research Review Week 1: Generative Adversarial Nets

Deep Learning Resear...

This week, I’ll be doing a new series called Deep Learning Research Review. Every couple weeks or so, I’ll be summarizing and explaining research papers in specific subfields of deep learning. This week I’ll begin with Generative Adversarial Networks.  Introduction According to Yann LeCun, “adversarial training is the coolest thing since sliced bread”. I’m inclined […]

An Introduction to Deep Learning using nolearn

An Introduction to D...

NOTE: If you are having trouble with nolearn working properly, make sure you are using version 0.5b1 available here. Otherwise you may run into problems. One of the most well known problems in machine learning regards how to categorize handwritten numbers automatically. Basically, the idea is that you have 10 different digits (0-9) and you […]

Linear algebra cheat sheet for Deep Learning

Linear algebra cheat...

Beginner’s guide to commonly used operations During Jeremy Howard’s excellent deep learning course I realized I was a little rusty on the prerequisites and my fuzziness was impacting my ability to understand concepts like backpropagation. I decided to put together a few wiki pages on these topics to improve my understanding. Here is a very […]

Automated analysis of High‐content Microscopy data with Deep Learning

Automated analysis o...

    Abstract Existing computational pipelines for quantitative analysis of high‐content microscopy data rely on traditional machine learning approaches that fail to accurately classify more than a single dataset without substantial tuning and training, requiring extensive analysis. Here, we demonstrate that the application of deep learning to biological image data can overcome the pitfalls associated […]

Wading into Deep Learning, a 30 minute query

Wading into Deep Lea...

In this interview, Jonathan Schwarz of Google DeepMind shares insight on Deep Learning projects. He offers tips and advice for the those interested in DL, and explains whether DL projects relate to other data driven projects? He comments on effective team size, software, frameworks, common mistakes, resources for learning, and more all under 30 minutes. Have a good lunch! Jonathan […]

Deep Learning as the apotheosis of Test-Driven Development

Deep Learning as the...

Even if you aren’t interested in data science, Deep Learning is an interesting programming paradigm; you can see it as “doing test-driven development with a ludicrously large number of tests, an IDE that writes most of the code, and a forgiving client.” No wonder everybody’s pouring so much money and brains into it! Here’s a […]

Faster deep learning with GPUs and Theano

Faster deep learning...

Originally posted by Manojit Nandi, Data Scientist at STEALTHbits Technologies on the Domino data science blog Domino recently added support for GPU instances. To celebrate this release, I will show you how to: Configure the Python library Theano to use the GPU for computation. Build and train neural networks in Python. Using the GPU, I’ll […]

Twelve types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) problems

Twelve types of Arti...

Background – How many cats does it take to identify a Cat? In this article, I cover the 12 types of AI problems i.e. I address the question : in which scenarios should you use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?  We cover this space in the  Enterprise AI course Some background: Recently, I conducted a strategy workshop for a group […]

Deep Learning, IoT Sensor Data…and Bats!

Deep Learning, IoT S...

At the very center of Internet of Things excitement is the sensor. Not just one sensor, mind you, but a sensor that normally would just be sending a data stream to who knows where would now have access to the information from another sensor measuring something completely different. Now imagine your entire office building awash […]