Automated analysis of High‐content Microscopy data with Deep Learning
    Deep learning is used to classify protein subcellular localization in genome‐wide microscopy screens of GFP‐tagged yeast strains. The resulting classifier (DeepLoc) outperforms previous classification methods and is transferable across image sets. A deep convolutional neural network (DeepLoc) is trained to classify protein subcellular localization in GFP‐tagged yeast... Read more
Deep Learning as the apotheosis of Test-Driven Development
Even if you aren’t interested in data science, Deep Learning is an interesting programming paradigm; you can see it as “doing test-driven development with a ludicrously large number of tests, an IDE that writes most of the code, and a forgiving client.” No wonder everybody’s pouring so much money... Read more
Amazon Enters The Open-Source Deep Learning Fray
The Synergy Research Group’s last report of 2015 attributed 31% of the cloud computing market to Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), nearly four times as much as its nearest competitor, Microsoft. This would come as no surprise to any programmer, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist, AWS is a mainstay... Read more