Learn NLP the Stanford Way — Lesson 1
The AI area of Natural Language Processing, or NLP, throughout its gigantic language models — yes, GPT-3, I’m watching you — presents what it’s perceived as a revolution in machines’ capabilities to perform the most distinct language tasks. Due to that, the perception of the public... Read more
Fight San Francisco Crime with fast.ai and Deepnote
When most people picture San Francisco and the Bay Area, various positive connotations such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and software companies come to mind. However, like any metropolitan area, its dense population and wealth gap leads to an environment of lots of crime. Thanks... Read more
Deepnote – A Better Data Science Notebook
With the proliferation of data, notebooks gained popularity in both academia and industry as intuitive tools enabling code writing and execution, visualization, and insights sharing – all within one interface. Notebooks are now the go-to tool for data scientists for exploratory programming but come with their... Read more