Smart Technologies in Enhancing Browsing Experiences
Zona is a speaker for ODSC East 2020 this April 13-17! Be sure to check out their talk, “Smart Technologies in Enhancing Browsing Experiences,” there! Information search is an activity that involves various techniques and methods for finding new data and insights. Physical and digital spaces as different contexts... Read more
Data Science in Manufacturing: An Overview
In the last couple of years, data science has seen an immense influx in various industrial applications across the board. Today, we can see data science applied in health care, customer service, governments, cybersecurity, mechanical, aerospace, and other industrial applications. Among these, manufacturing has gained more prominence to achieve... Read more
Inversion of 2D Remote Sensing Data to 3D Volumetric Models Using Deep Dimensionality Exchange
By Graham Ganssle, PhD, Head of Data Science, Expero Inc. Be sure to check out his upcoming talk at ODSC East 2020 this April 13-17, “Inversion of 2D Remote Sensing Data to 3D Volumetric Models Using Deep Dimensionality Exchange,” there! Many companies are continuously exploring for and monitoring the stability of CO2... Read more
Credit Models and Binning Variables are Winning and I’m Keeping Score!
Aric is a speaker for ODSC East 2020 this April 13-17. Be sure to see his talk, “Credit Models and Binning Variables Are Winning and I’m Keeping Score!,” there! Classification scorecards are a great way to predict outcomes because the techniques used in the banking industry specialize in interpretability,... Read more
How to Get the Full Experience at ODSC East 2020
Attending any conference for only one or two days will limit what you can experience during your time, and if you’re going out of your way to attend one, why not make the most out of it? That’s why we believe that our premium ticket options, Platinum and VIP,... Read more
Learning Data Science: Is a 5-Day Bootcamp Right For You?
You know you want to make the jump to data science, but when you search for “data science bootcamps” and “data science courses,” you find tons of results like “I quit my job to join a bootcamp” and “How to become a data scientist in three months to a... Read more
Should You Present at a Data Science Poster Session?
Conferences are great places to meet new people and find new ideas. The presentations are informative, and workshops help you gain practical skills in new areas (you can also brush up on your soft skills). You’re thinking about presenting at a conference yourself, but there are a few roadblocks... Read more
Build a First Neural Network
Neural networks are weirdly good at translating languages and identifying dogs by breed, but they can be intimidating to get started with. In an effort to smooth this on-ramp, I created a neural network framework specifically for teaching and experimentation. It’s called Cottonwood and this notebook shows how to... Read more
Missing Data in Supervised Machine Learning
Editor’s note: Andras is a speaker for ODSC East 2020! this April 13-17 Be sure to check out his talk, “Missing Data in Supervised Machine Learning” there. Datasets are almost never complete and this can introduce various biases to your analysis. Due to these biases, your supervised machine learning... Read more
2020 Data Science Landscape: ODSC East Expo Hall
As the number of frameworks, tools, platforms, and solution providers continues to grow, it’s an increased challenge for teams to keep pace. Managers, data scientists, data engineers, software engineers, and a host of other roles need to understand data science trends and what production tools & solutions they can... Read more