Learn Data Science Online at the ODSC East 2020 Virtual Conference
Virtual learning is becoming the norm for a lot of people and is easily accessible regardless of location. That’s one of the reasons why we’re hosting the ODSC East 2020 Virtual Conference this April 14-17 so anyone can learn data science online. This 100%-virtual event will contain the same... Read more
Find Your Next AI Solution at the ODSC Virtual AI Expo
This year, we’re making our expo hall completely virtual in the Virtual AI Expo this April 16th. The Virtual AI Expo will feature everything you normally see in an expo hall, such as learning about new AI solutions from vendors, seeing demo talks, and networking with other decision-makers +... Read more
Why Attend the ODSC Virtual Career Expo April 15th
Career fairs that cater to one specific field are excellent for networking. You can build a list of companies and contacts, helping make decisions easier. You also gain traction for when spots open up at your ideal companies by getting on their radar. As part of our first-ever ODSC... Read more
The Real AI Crisis
Hui is a speaker for the ODSC Global Virtual Conference this April 14-17! Be sure to watch his talk, “Accelerating the Enterprise Uptake of AI,” there! Some thought leaders, such as Elon Musk and the late Stephen Hawking, have repeatedly warned about the potential danger of artificial intelligence and... Read more
Top 20 ODSC 2020 Global Virtual Conference Sessions
Conferences are an important part of any field’s development. They offer an opportunity to gather the community to learn, share, and collaborate. ODSC’s founding goal was to help grow the data science community and our hope is to continue with that mission. At ODSC 2020, we are unveiling our... Read more
Who Cares About Data Privacy?
In this  article, which is a 7-minute read, I will: explain why I am in data privacy, share some practical tips on how I recommend to manage privacy in a complex environment, and give an outlook on the legal topics which we will cover at our upcoming ODSC talk,... Read more
The goal of a data analysis pipeline in Python is to allow you to transform data from one state to another through a set of repeatable, and ideally scalable, steps. Problems for which I have used data analysis pipelines in Python include: Processing financial / stock market data, including... Read more
How to Start a Machine Learning Project in a Company
Leandro is a speaker for ODSC East 2020. Be sure to check out his talk, “How to Apply Machine Learning in Your Company Using Design Thinking and Canvas,” there! We are living in an unpredictable moment in human history, being able to teach computers to “think” and to make... Read more
How Data Clinic is Building Open Source Tooling to Support Mission-Driven Organizations
Kaushik Mohan is a speaker for ODSC East 2020. Be sure to check out his talk, “Open Source Tools for Social Impact,” there! As the data for good arm of the investment manager Two Sigma, Data Clinic brings Two Sigma’s people, data science skills, and technological know-how to help... Read more
AI x Retail: The Ten Best Examples of Sites and Stores Using AI
So much of what AI is capable of transforming happens behind the scenes. The complete opposite of that is retail’s wholehearted adoption of AI to increase the bottom line, keep customers happy in a sea of eCommerce sites, and reduce inefficiencies. Without further ado, here are ten sites and... Read more