ODSC East 2021 – Day 3 Free Access
9.30 AM EST | 6.30 AM PST ODSC Keynote: Why Medicine is Creating Exciting New Frontiers for Machine Learning Mihaela van der Schaar, PhD, – John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Machine Learning, AI, and Medicine | Director | Chancellor’s Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering from... Read more
Promoting the Responsible Use of AI in Health Care
Artificial intelligence (AI) holds tremendous promise as a means of improving the efficiency and quality of health care delivery— from enhancing patient outreach and engagement, to managing medical and pharmacy inventory, to identifying patients at the greatest risk of disease progression. The tangible benefits of AI... Read more
Building an Ethical Data Science Practice
“F**k the Algorithm” is a bold mantra that we are likely to hear more about as unintended consequences of AI continue to unfold. For almost a decade, our industry has been obsessed with maximizing predictive performance – also seen as the ability with which AI can... Read more
Top NLP Sessions Coming to ODSC East 2021
The last several years have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of NLP. With significant developments like BERT and GPT-3, NLP is now at the forefront of the data science industry. At ODSC East, there will be several sessions addressing the latest developments in NLP.... Read more
Top Machine and Deep Learning Sessions Coming to ODSC East 2021
Machine learning and deep learning are cornerstones of the data science industry. As such, not only is it important to have a firm foundation in these topics, it is essential to keep up-to-date on the latest advancements. At ODSC East, there will be several training sessions,... Read more
Top Healthcare and AI in Business Talks Coming to the Ai x Business Summit Next Week
As researchers develop new data science tools, businesses find unique ways of implementing them. Whether it’s for automation, optimization, data analytics, or for other innovative processes, businesses can find incredible success when using artificial intelligence. At the Ai x Business Summit this March 30th to April... Read more
Established Yourself as a Data Scientist at ODSC East 2021
Although training conferences are an excellent opportunity to improve your skillset in order to become a data scientist, conferences also offer another benefit: multiple chances to make connections and grow as a professional. At ODSC East 2021, we have a personal development path comprising the Ai+... Read more
Fast, Visual, and Explainable ML Modeling With PerceptiLabs
Pure-code ML frameworks like TensorFlow, have become popular for building ML models because they effectively offer a high-level grammar for describing model topologies and algorithms. This is a powerful approach, but it has limitations for providing insight and explainability of models. These issues are further magnified... Read more
Simplifying MLOps with Model Registry
Your iPhone tells you exactly what app you’d like to access each morning, Netflix shows you movie previews that are tailored precisely for you, and Grammarly fixes your writing so you sound like your best self! Each of these applications is the product of a team... Read more
Making Explainability Work in Practice
Complex ‘black box’ models are becoming more and more prevalent in industries involving high-stakes decisions (such as finance, healthcare, insurance). As machine learning algorithms take a prominent role in our daily lives, explaining their decision will only grow in importance via explainability. By now there is... Read more