AI Gets Bigger and Better: Microsoft’s AI-at-Scale Predictions
Two years ago, when Luis Vargas, Ph.D. of Microsoft AI addressed ODSC, he told the story of his daughter learning multiple languages as a small child and how this hidden complexity transferred to teaching machines to learn. The development of AI follows a similar path as... Read more
Building Secure ML Starts with Understanding the Landscape: Oracle’s Perspective
With so many businesses implementing machine learning (ML) into their tech stack, it’s no wonder we’re seeing increases in the volume and variety of cybersecurity threats. If engineers want to deploy machine learning models throughout the enterprise, they must acknowledge these risks and move from a... Read more
ODSC East 2022 Keynote: NVIDIA and Red Hat on Accelerating AI/ML Deployments with Enterprise-Grade MLOps
At ODSC East, Red Hat’s Abhinav Joshi and NVIDIA’S Matt Akins spoke at length during their keynote on how to accelerate AI/machine learning deployments with enterprise-grade MLOps, while also providing a use case. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in use, we’re seeing entire industries... Read more
ODSC East 2022 Keynote: Ken Jee on Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Decision Makers
That feeling of disconnect between you, your data team, and your leaders can be frustrating. It’s a common problem within the data community that can derail any project and leave the lines of communication and most importantly trust in jeopardy. With the growing scale of data... Read more
100+ Free Sessions You Can See at ODSC East 2022
ODSC East 2022 is this April 19th-21st!! From Tuesday-Thursday there will be a number of free sessions that you can attend either in-person or virtually with a Bronze Pass. Register for a free pass now and check out these sessions below. Tuesday, April 19th All free... Read more
The Toolkit Approach to Trustworthy AI
Editor’s Note: Kush R. Varshney is a speaker for ODSC East 2022. Be sure to check out his talk, “A Unified View of Trustworthy AI with the 360 Toolkits,” there! As artificial intelligence (AI) systems are increasingly used to support consequential decisions in high-risk applications such... Read more
Intro to NLP: Topic Modeling and Text Categorization
Editor’s note: Sanghamitra Deb is a speaker for ODSC East 2022. Be sure to check out her talk, “Intro to NLP: Text Categorization and Topic Modeling,” there! Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the basis of machine intelligence. NLP is the process of bringing structure to free-form... Read more
5 Reasons to Reconnect at ODSC East 2022
ODSC East 2022 is less than a month away, and this event is shaping up to start off the year on a high note. Coming April 19th-21st in Boston or virtually, ODSC East will feature over 260 speakers and more than 300 hours of content, showcasing the... Read more
8 Applications of AI in Healthcare and Biopharma in 2022
Of all the ways that artificial intelligence is being used in the real world, healthcare and biopharma continue to lead the way. Whether it’s for helping doctors make the right decisions for treating patients or developing new medications and treatments, AI has been a welcome hand... Read more
20 Responsible AI and Machine Learning Safety Talks Every Data Scientist Should Hear
As the adoption of AI accelerates in industry two increasingly important and related topics are responsible AI and machine learning safety (ML safety) which are featured tracks at ODSC East 2022.  Here’s just a sample of 20 of over 110 free talks from leaders in the... Read more