21 Can’t-Miss Free Machine Learning Talks
Each ODSC conference is a unique opportunity to reconnect with your community and learn about trending topics and tools from incredibly talented individuals.  We are gathering attendees from around the world and that includes some of the top minds in AI.  Here’s just a sample of... Read more
Four Problems and Solutions Responsive MT Will Address
Editor’s note: Dr. Arle Lommel is a speaker for ODSC East 2022. Be sure to check out his talk, “How Can We Make Machine Translation Responsive and Responsible?” to learn more about responsive MT! Machine translation (MT) has become ubiquitous as a technology that enables individuals... Read more
8 Ways to Perform NLP Better in 2022
A lot goes into NLP. Languages, dialects, unstructured data, and unique business needs all contribute to requiring constant innovation from the field. Going beyond NLP platforms and skills alone, having expertise in novel processes and staying afoot in the latest research are becoming pivotal for effective... Read more
Why is Adversarial Robustness Critical for Machine Learning? 
As machine learning (ML) gets adopted in every field and every possible use case, a threat lurks underneath. In technology, security doesn’t become a primary concern until adoption reaches a tipping point like it did with consumer software three decades ago and the internet over two.... Read more
How to Attend ODSC East 2022 for Free
In the nature of open-source data science, we want to make our conferences accessible to those who may not have a chance to attend. For the ODSC East 2022 Hybrid Conference this April 19th-21st, we have a few ways that you can attend ODSC East 2022... Read more
When SQL is Not the Best Answer: Identifying “Graph-y” Problems and When Graphs Can Help
Data scientists work with columns and rows.  This is at the core of our training and we are very good at it!  From SQL tables to Pandas dataframes and everything in between, we like our columnar data.  We thrive best in the assumption that each of... Read more
Announcing the ODSC East 2022 Keynotes
ODSC East 2022 is coming fast and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our lineup of keynote speakers. This year, there will be a hybrid approach as speakers will be joining us either in-person or virtually. Because of this, ODSC will be able to provide... Read more
Final ODSC East 2022 Schedule Released – How Will You Spend Your Week?
We couldn’t be more excited to announce that the detailed schedule for ODSC East is now live! You can check it out here for information on session times, topics, and whether a session will be in-person or virtual. With 300+ hours of content planned for ODSC... Read more
Getting Started with Vector-Based Search
Editor’s note: Laura is a speaker for ODSC East 2022. Be sure to check out her talk, “Vector Database Workshop Using Weaviate,” to learn more about vector-based search! Traditional search engines perform a keyword-based search. Such search engines return results that contain an exact match or... Read more
What Can Go Wrong When Creating Data to Enable Multilingual AI 
Editor’s note: Olga is a speaker for ODSC East 2022! Be sure to check out her talk, “Creating Data to Enable Multilingual AI: What Can Go Wrong and Ways to Mitigate It,” there! Artificial intelligence (AI), and conversational AI as one of the fastest-growing sub-domains within... Read more