Is Data Science Team Training Right For Your Team?
Sending your entire team to train at a conference has many benefits and can result in improved outcomes for both individual team members and the organization as a whole. From sharing knowledge to team building, the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts.... Read more
There’s Going to be a Lot Going on at ODSC East 2022
Now that we’ve seen the magic of a hybrid conference with a successful ODSC West 2021, we’re now turning our attention to making ODSC East 2022 even better. The event this April 19th-21st will feature the events that our community already loves, with a number of... Read more
6 Machine & Deep Learning Experts Announced for ODSC East 2022
Machine and deep learning are cornerstones of data science, setting the stage for everything else that data can do. As we gear up for ODSC East 2022, we want to highlight a few early-announced speakers coming to the event April 19th-21st, with these six speakers who... Read more
5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Mini Machine Learning Bootcamp
Machine learning is a wide field that comprises many different specializations. As you advance in your data science career, and make decisions on which path to take, it can be hard to know which subject, industry, or applications you might want to pursue. ODSC’s Mini Machine... Read more
Call for ODSC East 2022 Speakers and Content Committee Members
We’re excited to announce our official Call for Speakers for ODSC East 2022! And now we’re looking for people who want to speak at ODSC East 2022. Next year’s event will be a hybrid event, meaning there will be opportunities for speaking in-person in Boston, MA,... Read more