Building GeoAI with Lego-Like Simplicity Through Visual Programming
Editor’s note: Lingbo Liu, PhD is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23rd-25th. Be sure to check out his talk, “Workflow-based GeoAI Analysis with No/Low-Code Visual Programming,” there! Hello, I’m Lingbo Liu, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow leading the Spatial Data Lab project at the Center... Read more
Learn About LLMs With These ODSC East 2024 Sessions
Large Language Models are everywhere these days. Stay at the forefront of increasingly ubiquitous technology with the leading AI training conference, ODSC East this April 23rd-25th in Boston. Check out some of the LLM-focused training sessions, workshops, and talks you’ll find at the conference.  NLP with... Read more
Making Your LLM More Friendly With Fine-Tuning
Editor’s note: Ben is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out his talk, “Ben Needs a Friend – An intro to building Large Language Model applications,” there! As part of my upcoming ODSC tutorial on Large Language Model (LLM) development, I’ve been... Read more
Generative AI, Ethics, and Social Good
Editor’s note: Colleen is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out her talk, “Generative AI for Social Good,” there! The year since ChatGPT’s debut has seen marked increases in news coverage and adoption of generative artificial intelligence methods across industries.... Read more
Hands-On Training Sessions Coming to ODSC East
AI and data science are advancing at a lightning-fast pace with new skills and applications popping up left and right. At ODSC East this April 23-25 you’ll find hands-on instruction, featuring real-world use cases and practical examples, that will enable you to put your new skills... Read more
Check Out the ODSC East 2024 Schedule Overview Here
ODSC East is coming to Boston this April and bringing leading experts in everything from generative AI and LLMs to data analysis to the home of countless AI startups and MIT alike. Like our recent conferences, this conference will be hybrid, featuring both in-person and virtual... Read more
Announcing the First Sessions for ODSC East 2024
We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the first group of experts, practitioners, core contributors, and boundary breakers who will be joining us at ODSC East to share their expertise. Learn more about our first-announced sessions coming to the event this April 23rd-25th below.... Read more
Announcing the ODSC East 2024 Pre-Bootcamp Primer Courses
We are kicking off 2024 in style with our ODSC East Pre-Bootcamp primer courses! This year we have 3 new courses: Top AI Skills for 2024, Introduction to Machine Learning, and Introduction to Large Language Models and Prompt Engineering. Check out all of the sessions below.... Read more