Reportingonsuicide.cisco.com: Interview with Team Member Edgar Murillo
Last year, I established Cisco’s Data Science and AI for Good initiative as a channel for Cisconians to give back pro bono, using their professional expertise to help nonprofits make the world a better place through data and analytics. Almost a year later, in collaboration with Save.org, Reportingonsuicide.org, and... Read more
Data Science: Dare to Start Simple
Imagine that you are the first data scientist in a company, maybe in the industrial field, in one of the old industries or old economy branches. Then, you are a unicorn. Basically, you start data science from scratch: you must introduce, explain, promote, and establish data science. To manage... Read more
Reinforcement Learning with Ray RLlib
Why Reinforcement Learning? In reinforcement learning (RL), an agent tries to maximize a reward while interacting with an environment. The agent observes the state of the environment, takes an action and observes the reward received (if any) and the new state. Then the agent takes the next action, and... Read more
Gauging the State of the Economy with News Narrative and Sentiment
Advances in natural language processing have allowed to quantify the intuitive yet elusive notion of sentiment expressed in text and to test its predictive power in relation to changes in social systems.  Studies in cognitive sciences as well as economics have found that unsettling narrative preceded events such as... Read more
Make Your Data Move: Using Schedulers with Data Storage to Generate Business Value
Data accessibility and availability is a persistent sticking point within organizations that want to generate value from their data. Step 1. Get data. Step 2. ??? Step 3. Fancy models and profit! Right? **crickets** Yeah, there are some holes in this scheme, so let’s talk about that Step 2... Read more
Image Detection as a Service
Across our two brands, Badoo and Bumble, we have over 500 million registered users worldwide uploading millions of photos a day to our platform. These images provide us with a rich data set from which we derive a wealth of insights. User Profile Information Within our data science team,... Read more
A Look Into ODSC Europe 2020 Focus Areas
This September, the ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual Conference will be focusing on the topics that are trending in data science in 2020 and into 2021. Although you might have heard about some of these focus areas a lot over the last year or so, they are constantly evolving and... Read more
How to Convince Your Boss to Attend ODSC Europe 2020
Everyone practicing in the field of data science is faced with the same dilemma: how to stay on top of projects and stay current in a field that seems to change rapidly every six months. Getting out of the office can help you focus on building new skills, building... Read more
Enhancing Discovery in Data Science Through Novelty in Machine Learning
Note: Kirk will present two training sessions at the ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual Conference. One will focus on “Solving the Data Scientist’s Dilemma: the Cold-Start Problem with 10+ Machine Learning Examples” and the other will look at “Atypical Applications of Typical Machine Learning Algorithms.” I have always appreciated the... Read more
Machine Learning: Active Failures and Latent Conditions
Machine learning and AI applications are advancing in increasingly critical domains such as medicine, aviation, banking, finances, and more.  These applications not only are shaping the way in which industries are operating, but also how people are interacting and using their platforms/technologies. That said, it is of fundamental importance... Read more