ODSC Europe 2021 Top Picks: 11 of Our Favorite Sessions to Watch for Free
As we ramp up preparations for ODSC Europe 2022 coming to London and Virtually this June 15th-16th, we want to look back on ODSC Europe 2021. These sessions exemplified important topics in data science, such as responsible AI, machine learning safety, and trending tools for modeling.... Read more
Learn About Quant Finance in AI at ODSC Europe with These Sessions
Recent advances in machine learning have proved to be particularly beneficial in the financial sector, helping organizations avoid loss through fraud detection and streamline their processes. To learn more about how machine learning is transforming the financial industry, check out the below ODSC Europe talks on... Read more
Get Started with MLOps at ODSC Europe with These Sessions
Over the past several years, MLOps has taken on several different meanings depending on whom you are talking to. Building a strong understanding of what it is, and what it can be, can help you effectively employ MLOps to help your organization achieve its goals in... Read more
Learn About Responsible AI at ODSC Europe with These Sessions
Responsible AI – or Ethical AI – is a hot topic lately. When many organizations are using machine learning and artificial intelligence for their daily tasks and backend processes, there’s an air of mystery surrounding it. What tools are they using? Where did they get the... Read more
Using Text Features to Predict the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929
Predicting financial crises is notoriously difficult. This is primarily a consequence of the infrequency of such events and the instability of relationships between financial variables. However, it is also related to the contagious nature of financial crises: if one bank expects another to liquidate its holdings... Read more
Data Science Platforms & Demo Talks Coming to the ODSC Europe 2021 Virtual AI Expo
Building your own AI solutions, data science platforms, or product can be both timely and costly, and is an endeavor that should not be undertaken in haste. However, researching and scheduling demonstrations of, the available AI solutions and data science platforms can also be a time-consuming... Read more
Why Learn Python for Data Processing
Python is one of the most popular languages in the world. It’s used in a lot of different fields, like web services, automation, data science, managing computer infrastructure, and artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its readable and concise syntax makes it a great option for teaching... Read more
How to Pivot and Plot Data With Pandas
A big challenge of working with data is manipulating its format for the analysis at hand. To make things a bit more difficult, the “proper format” can depend on what you are trying to analyze, meaning we have to know how to melt, pivot, and transpose... Read more
First Steps Before Applying Reinforcement Learning for Trading
There are many methodologies in algorithmic trading — from automated trade entry and close points based on technical and fundamental indicators to intelligent forecasts and decision making using complex maths and, of course, artificial intelligence. Reinforcement learning here stands out as a Holy Grail — no... Read more
Hiring Partners Coming to the ODSC Europe Ai+ Professionals Expo this June 9th
Finding a new job can be a time and energy-intensive endeavor. Scouring online job postings, researching open positions, and individually contacting potential employers can take up all of your limited free time. At the Ai+ Professionals Expo as part of ODSC Europe this June 9th, however,... Read more