Adversarial Image Explanation Through Alibi
Deep learning-based computer vision has plenty of real-life applications. In particular, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) architectures are commonly used across multiple CV tasks as they have high accuracy. But their strength leads also to a weakness point, as a little perturbation to an input image/frame can... Read more
Bonus Events and Networking Coming to ODSC Europe 2021
Although ODSC Europe is an ideal conference for building new in-demand and job-ready skills in machine learning, deep learning, NLP, and much more, it is also much more than that. ODSC Europe 2021 this June 8th-10th also features several networking opportunities that will bring you together... Read more
Finding That Needle! Isolation Forests for Anomaly Detection
One of the best parts of data science is that algorithms developed for one application turn up in other applications they were not originally designed for! This is very true in the world of fraud and anomaly detection. Many algorithms have their foundation elsewhere but find... Read more
Music to My Mechanical Ears: Exploring the Rimworld of Sound Space: Episode 1
Music has been a way for us to express ourselves for quite a while now. And as we evolve, our society evolves, our technology evolves, and also, our instruments evolve. Last century we started using electronics to create music and this has provided us with so... Read more
6 Common Blockers Businesses Face Implementing AI
As much as we hear about data science and artificial intelligence, not even 10% of companies have implemented any form of it in their organization yet. It’s not like there aren’t options available, as there are countless solution providers that offer machine and deep learning, NLP,... Read more
Brace Yourself, Data Cleaning is Coming
If you are just too familiar with This Crazy Thing Called Data Cleaning, with both the classical and psychological tricks that help, if your hair has already gone grey because of it, if you are simply seeking fast, fun, and furious nontrivial tricks, I encourage you... Read more
ODSC Europe 2021 General Pass is Now Free!
The sharing of ideas and research to encourage further advances is one of the data science community’s great strengths. To facilitate this sharing of knowledge we are making the ODSC Europe 2021 General Pass free. The General Pass gives you access to all ODSC talks, including keynotes,... Read more
Find AI and Machine Learning Solutions at ODSC Europe 2021
We’re thrilled to announce that the Virtual AI Expo will be returning on June 8th and 9th, during ODSC East Virtual 2021. Featuring everything you would expect from an in-person expo hall, the Virtual AI Expo is the perfect opportunity to find AI and machine learning... Read more
Exclusive Speakers Coming to ODSC Europe 2021
ODSC East 2021 was just a few weeks ago, and some people may be wondering why we’re having two conferences so close together. Well, there’s actually a good reason for that – ODSC Europe 2021 will have exclusive content that’s unique to the event that you... Read more
Overcoming the Cold Start Problem: How to Make New Tasks Tractable
I woke up this morning (somewhat unsurprisingly). After poking my head out of the covers and feeling a cold chill in the air, I made the executive decision not to proceed with this course of action and promptly withdrew back under the covers. Ten minutes later,... Read more