Meta AI Introduces Project CAIRaoke Neural Network Model for AI Conversation Contextualization
Today’s voice assistants are getting more advanced, but they still usually require you to speak commands in certain ways and get confused as questions or orders get more in-depth. You can tell a smart speaker to set an alarm for 6:30 PM or ask it what... Read more
What Does Facebook’s Blenderbot 2.0 Mean for the Future of AI?
Facebook has had a hand in artificial intelligence (AI) development since its early stages. Think back to photo tagging on Facebook. While Facebook’s old technology used to incorrectly tag users in photos, the implementation of AI technology streamlined the process and made photo tagging more accurate.... Read more
Facebook’s Prophet Forecasting Crystal Ball
Facebook’s Prophet is one of the most-liked forecasting approaches nowadays. Its usage is very well described, the code itself cleanly documented, hence instead of giving examples of Facebook’s Prophet, we will look under the hood to understand where these Bayesian model novelties lie. The Model The... Read more
How Entertainment and Social Media Giants are Using Machine Learning
Major names in social media didn’t get there by accident. In addition to their excellent products, marketing, and sales strategies, machine learning is a huge part of the backbone that makes many of their processes successful. Facebook, Twitter, among other names you’ve definitely heard of have... Read more