2021 Top Trending Machine Learning Topics
Thanks to insights from our ODSC West researchers, attendees, and instructors we’ve pulled together some of the trending machine learning topics of 2021. We’re excited to host some of the leading experts and top contributors in each of these topics. Here are a few of our... Read more
Federated Learning 101 with FEDn
Training good machine learning models requires access to good data. The problem is that most of the data in the world is not accessible to use when training machine learning models. Data cannot be moved or shared based on privacy concerns, regulatory constraints, or infrastructural reasons.... Read more
How You Can Use Federated Learning for Security & Privacy
This article is an extension of my previous article “What is Federated Learning.”  I will focus on how you can use Federated Learning for Security and Privacy. We’re seeing an increased focus and effort by consumers and policymakers toward enhancing privacy related to the collection and... Read more
What is Federated Learning?
The field of machine learning is constantly evolving, sometimes slowly, and at other times we experience the tech equivalent of the Cambrian Explosion with rapid advance that makes a good many data scientists experience a serious case of imposter syndrome. Take the case of a new... Read more