Trending AI GitHub Repos: Week of October 9, 2023
GitHub is a popular code hosting platform that allows developers to share and collaborate on a diverse range of projects for multiple programming languages and frameworks. If you’re interested in learning what is on the horizon for data science, GitHub is an important platform to become... Read more
GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Copilot: 2 Stories, Thousands of Possibilities
The year 2022 marked a turning point for GitHub and all its users, with the announcement of the general availability of two revolutionary services for developers: GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Copilot. A Codespace is a development environment hosted in the cloud and accessible via a web... Read more
Building Your Business With GitHub
GitHub is the world’s largest web-based collaboration platform, where companies and developers build and manage their software using the Git version control system. Business development teams, programmers, and many other professionals use GitHub to develop and manage software projects. With GitHub, you can simplify, speed up,... Read more
Software Developer’s Lawsuit Takes Aim at AI That Can Generate Computer Code
Over this past summer, Microsoft unveiled Copilot. Copilot isn’t just another artificial intelligence program that can create models, or automate tasks. No, instead this unique AI has the ability to generate its own computer code. This purpose is to shave man-hours from the work lives of... Read more
GitHub and Google Announce OpenSSF Scorecards V4 to Reduce Security Risks
Github and Google have announced version 4 of the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) Scorecard Project. It offers new security checks, a Scorecards GitHub action, and a major expansion to the project’s weekly scans of critical open source projects. OpenSSF originally launched the Scorecard Project in... Read more
What is GitHub Copilot?
Developers have a lot to think about while programming, starting with logic and ending with syntax. While code editors help us with syntax suggestions, snippets, debugging suggestions, they are not quite the real deal. The GitHub Copilot changes the game; it is a new service offered... Read more
5 Tools for Getting Started with Data Science on GitHub
Depending on who you ask, the definition of “data scientist” can vary from “Excel expert” to “deep learning engineer” to “MLOps practitioner” – working individually, or as part of a team. Given this broad spectrum of software engineering experience, it can be challenging for data scientists... Read more
8 Trending GitHub Projects for Summer 2019
GitHub is, without a doubt, the go-to place for repositories in the data science community. As such, we’ve decided to start an open-source data science project series. We’ll round up the best projects we find on GitHub for you to use and learn about. Each is... Read more
7 Reasons to Start or Update Your GitHub Profile
If you’re working in computer science, you’re part of the fourth industrial revolution. A big part of that revolution is access to open-source code and libraries that can help you build your dream projects. You do this to land a job, but how do potential employers... Read more