Understanding and Optimizing Neural Network Hyperparameters Series The learning rate The Neurons Other parameters, and optimizing   In the other parts I have explained the main hyperparameters used to train a neural network, and how they can contribute to the networks success. However, optimizing these values... Read more
Intro In this part 2 will discuss how neural nets are structured, how the structure can affect the success of a model, and why. The actual design of a neural network is very much determined by the data that’s supplied. You will already know how outside... Read more
Introduction to the series When first trying to understand a neural network, one of the most debated and perhaps mysterious aspects of them are the parameters that contribute to their success. These parameters are for you to ultimately decide. As it stands, they tend to be... Read more
In this notebook, I will explain how to implement a neural network from scratch and use the version of MNIST dataset that is provided within Scikit-Learn for testing. I will specificallty illustrate the use of Python classes to define layers in the network as objects. Each... Read more
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) Introduction
Training a Computer to Recognize your Handwriting Take a look at the picture below above and try to identify what it is. One should be able to tell that it is a giraffe, despite it being strangely fat. We recognize images and objects instantly, even if... Read more