Intro to Caret, Model Training and Tuning
Contents Model Training and Parameter Tuning An Example Basic Parameter Tuning Notes on Reproducibility Customizing the Tuning Process Pre-Processing Options Alternate Tuning Grids Plotting the Resampling Profile The trainControl Function Alternate Performance Metrics Choosing the Final Model Extracting Predictions and Class Probabilities Exploring and Comparing Resampling Distributions Within-Model Between-Models Fitting Models... Read more
Intro to Caret: Data Splitting
Contents Simple Splitting Based on the Outcome Splitting Based on the Predictors Data Splitting for Time Series Data Splitting with Important Groups 4.1 Simple Splitting Based on the Outcome The function createDataPartition can be used to create balanced splits of the data. If the yargument to this function is a factor, the random... Read more
Intro to Caret: Pre-Processing
Editor’s note: This is the third of a series of posts on the caret package. Creating Dummy Variables Zero- and Near Zero-Variance Predictors Identifying Correlated Predictors Linear Dependencies The preProcess Function Centering and Scaling Imputation Transforming Predictors Putting It All Together Class Distance Calculations caret includes several functions to pre-process... Read more