Google AI Engineer Blake Lemoine Claims LaMDA is Truly Sentient
The question of sentience and Artificial Intelligence is again in the news and outside the confines of science fiction. News broke back in June that former Google Engineer, Blake Lemoine, claimed that the company’s AI Chatbox, LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications, and Lemoine) had become... Read more
Debate Over LaMDA Sentience Marks Milestone Moment in AI Development
A moment long prophesied by writers and technologists seems to be upon us at last — that is, if a Google engineer’s claims about machine sentience are to be believed. What Is LaMDA and What Are the Claims? Blake Lemoine was a Google engineer tasked with... Read more
Is LaMDA Really Sentient? No, Far From it.  
LaMDA, Google’s breakthrough conversation technology, is nothing but a transformer-based language model. So first, let’s answer the question: what really happened? Recently, a Google AI engineer, Blake Lemoine, raised the eyebrows of tech regulators, software developers, and anyone interested in knowing about sentient AI. He claimed... Read more