Editor’s Note: Interested in speaking at ODSC East 2018 in Boston? Apply Here Here is some advice on how to best prepare for your next talk at a data science conference. Even though you are an expert in your field, the delivery of your message is... Read more
Data Science Summit 2017
An African tale says that in Taubiland there lived in ancient, ancient times a man who possessed all the wisdom of the world. He hid all the wisdom in a jug. One day when he climbed a tree to hide the jug, his son gave him some advice about climbing ( a lesson of wisdom, which... Read more
9 ways to Level up your Data Science practice
We love reading articles with tips and best practices, and we agree with a lot of the advice we see out there (#5 on this list is great!). So, we asked the Domino team for advice to pass on to researchers and scientists searching for ways to get to... Read more