How Twitter Reacted to the Academy Awards and Its Crazy Ending

How Twitter Reacted ...

Award show night-Twitter is a special genre of tweeting. It’s a several-hour long affair where Twitter users perform just as much for their followers as the award recipients. It’s a cutthroat competition to beat your fellow tweeters to the funniest jokes and best takes for every moment of the night. To some, the tweets are the event’s main draw and […]

Visualizing Professional Tennis Upsets: ATP 2012-2014 Men’s Singles Matches

Visualizing Professi...

Exploratory Data Analysis Visualization Project contributed by Tyler Knutson – Data Science Student in the NYC Data Science Academy Bootcamp Context Men’s professional tennis is unique in that despite the dominance of a select few competitors at the top of the ATP world rankings, upsets do occur regularly.  How dominant are these top players?  Consider […]

Why Musicians Make Good Analysts

Why Musicians Make G...

I recently read Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave by Bill Franks of Teradata and in the book (which is going on my recommended reading list) he has a section about the ideal analyst.  While I am admittedly very biased on this one, Mr. Franks makes a very good point that in many instances the best […]

Processing the Language of Pitchfork Part 2: Word Count

Processing the Langu...

In the second part of this three-part ODSC series on analyzing Pitchfork album reviews, we’ll introduce the Natural Language Toolkit library to discover patterns, trends, and other interesting things hidden in the words of album reviews. For this article I found the most commonly used words and adjectives/adverbs in my collection of 17,000 reviews. I also […]

GO Data Science!

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Editors Note: In the spirit of accessibility, we will begin offering Spanish translations of select articles, this will be the first. Function to come.  Whether you want to become the best Pokémon master or the best data scientist alive, the path to get there will be quite similar: lot of training, focussed dedication, learning by experience […]

Processing The Language of Pitchfork Part 1

Processing The Langu... is the web’s premier site for music criticism and news. Their album reviews are famous for their overt detail, astute prose, and cutting wit. They are often credited for the popularity of indie music in the 00s and 10s and for “breaking” bands such as Animal Collective, Bon Iver, and Grizzly Bear. A good […]