New AI-Powered Audio Codec From Meta is Promising 10x Compression Compared to MP3 Format
Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram announced in late October a new AI-Powered audio codec. Called EnCodec, it can reportedly compress audio files 10 times smaller than the MP3 Format we’re all familiar with. Not only that, but it can compress at 64kps... Read more
Meta’s AI Chief Yann LeCun Publishes Paper on Autonomous AI
Imagine a world where artificial intelligence can experience and learn in a truly human-like manner. That’s exactly what Yann LeCun, VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta imagines in his latest paper which imagines a world of “autonomous” AIs. A world that many in science fiction... Read more
Meta’s BlenderBot 3 AI Chatbot is Already Spewing Controversial Statements
Last week, Meta released the BlenderBot 3 AI chatbot, and it already has proven to be a problem. Going live on August 5th, the AI has already gone on to make very “spicy” and racist statements and even going so far as to make false statements... Read more
Meta’s AI Translation Model Breaks 200 Language Milestone
Facebook’s parent company Meta is pushing the boundaries of AI technology and breaking down language barriers like never before. Meta’s new AI translation model — No-Language-Left-Behind 200 (NLLB-200) — has broken a translation milestone. This single model can translate 200 different languages with detail and accuracy... Read more
Wikipedia Partners with Meta for Open-Sourced AI to Fact Check New Entries
The world’s largest open-access encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is officially teaming up with Meta AI to fact-check citations as the size of entries continues to rise. Though article growth peaked around 2010, the size of individual articles has continued to grow as time has gone on. This has... Read more