Training Your PyTorch Model Using Components and Pipelines in Azure ML
In this post, we’ll explore how you can take your PyTorch model training to the next level, using Azure ML. In particular, we’ll see how you can split your training code into multiple steps that can be easily shared and reused by others, and how you... Read more
Getting Started with ML.NET
Machine learning (ML) is everywhere. We use ML-empowered applications every day: when choosing the next TV series to watch based on Netflix recommendations for example, or when asking Alexa to play our favorite song. Soon every application on every platform will incorporate some ML capabilities, empowering... Read more
Training and Deploying Your PyTorch Model in the Cloud with Azure ML
You’ve been training your PyTorch models on your machine, and getting by just fine. Why would you want to train and deploy them in the cloud? Training in the cloud will allow you to handle larger ML models and datasets than you could train on your... Read more
Enabling Resilient Machine Learning Systems
Resilient machine learning systems are fast, accurate, and flexible. They assist you in your day-to-day tasks for maximum efficiency, they leverage the latest software and hardware for the fastest performance, and they guide you through complex tasks for the best accuracy. The Azure ML team has... Read more
Evaluate ML Models with Azure Machine Learning’s Responsible AI Insights
In December 2021, we introduced the Responsible AI dashboard, a comprehensive experience bringing together several mature Responsible AI tools in the areas of data explorer (to proactively identify whether there is sufficient data representation for the variety of data subgroups), fairness assessment (to assess and identify... Read more
Microsoft Introduces Designer Which Allows You to Use Text-to-Image Tech in-App
Not to be outdone by artificial intelligent powered image generation technology, Microsoft has announced that it will be integrating these tools into a variety of its products and services such as its Bing Search Engine, Edge web browser, and a new Office app called Microsoft Designer.... Read more
How to Connect Azure Synapse Analytics to Power BI 
The first question on your mind, well that is if you are unfamiliar with Azure Synapse Analytics is probably, what is Azure Synapse? Azure Synapse Analytics is an analytics service that enables you to bring together data integration, warehousing and big data analytics. Using Azure Synapse... Read more
A Walk in the Tidyverse
If you worked with R to explore a dataset and build a report from this analysis, you have probably heard about the tidyverse. If you used R in your data science project, to fit a predictive model able to produce the most accurate prediction possible for... Read more
MLOps V2 Solution Accelerator – Unifying MLOps at Microsoft
MLOps means different things to different people, however, the fundamental essence of MLOps is to deliver models into productions faster with a consistent, repeatable, and reliable approach. Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is key to accelerating how data scientists and ML engineers can impact organizational needs. A... Read more
Many Models Training with Hyperparameter Optimization
This article presents an approach for you to train multiple machine learning models, optimizing the hyperparameters of each model in an automated way with Azure Machine Learning. Before getting into the part where I explain how to do this, let’s first get a better understanding of... Read more