All of the Microsoft and ODSC Partnership Offerings
Everyone knows Microsoft, as before they were a leader in data science and AI, they were a leader in software and technology – and still are. Over the years, ODSC has developed a close relationship with them, working together to host webinars, write blogs, and even... Read more
Highlighting Microsoft’s Data Science and AI Learning Paths
We are all familiar with Microsoft and Microsoft Azure, but have you explored their wide range of learning paths, available for free? Check out a few of them below. MLOps End-to-end Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) with Azure Machine Learning In this learning path, you’ll learn how... Read more
Generative AI in Azure Machine Learning: Operationalizing App Development for AI Transformation
In the age of generative AI, leaders find themselves at an intersection of innovation and purpose. The question that reverberates though boardrooms and data science conferences is this: How can this new constellation of cutting-edge technologies be harnessed to advance organizational objectives with creativity and business... Read more
Japanese Government to Adapt ChatGPT Tech for Administrative Tasks
Tech giant Microsoft will be supplying the Japanese government with generative AI tools to help it with administrative tasks. According to Nikkei, the tools will also assist in responding to parliamentary queries for the Japanese Diet, a first in Asia. As one might imagine, there are... Read more
Machine Learning Operations (MLOPs) with Azure Machine Learning
Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) can significantly accelerate how data scientists and ML engineers meet organizational needs. A well-implemented MLOps process not only expedites the transition from testing to production but also offers ownership, lineage, and historical data about ML artifacts used within the team. The data... Read more
Announcing Microsoft Azure’s New Tutorial on Deep Learning and NLP
Here at ODSC, we couldn’t be more excited to announce Microsoft Azure’s tutorial series on Deep Learning and NLP, now available for free on Ai+. This course series was created by a team of experts from the Microsoft community, who have brought their knowledge and experience... Read more
Debug Object Detection Models with the Responsible AI Dashboard
At Microsoft Build 2023, we announced support for text and image data in the Azure Machine Learning responsible AI dashboard in preview. This blog will focus on the dashboard’s new vision insights capabilities, supporting debugging capabilities for object detection models. We’ll dive into a text-based scenario... Read more
Microsoft AI-Powered Assistant Copilot Will Be Accessible Through Windows Taskbar
On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it is building an AI chat interface directly into the Windows operating system. Some of the features users can expect are music suggestions, document summarization, tech support, and answering questions similar to their search engine Bing. This is yet another major... Read more
ODSC & Microsoft March 2023 Recap – Blogs and Webinars
Over the past year, Microsoft has been releasing a lot of free content on ODSC channels, from webinars to blog posts. If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to check out what they’ve been up to. Webinars Responsible AI Mitigations and Tracker: New open-source tools for... Read more
Using Azure ML to Train a Serengeti Data Model for Animal Identification
Article on Azure ML by Bethany Jepchumba and Josh Ndemenge of Microsoft In this article, I will cover how you can train a model using Notebooks in Azure Machine Learning Studio. To get the data, you will need to follow the instructions in the article: Create... Read more