Batteries-Included Workflow Orchestration Tool: Flyte
Editor’s note: The authors are speaking at ODSC West 2021. Be sure to check out their talk, “Deep Dive into Flyte,” there! Machine learning (ML) has been deployed in the industry for over a few decades, but the tooling to support researchers and engineers in this... Read more
Getting Started with Practical MLOps Live Training
The past several years have seen MLOps become an integral part of any organization that plans to take machine learning seriously. However, it can be difficult to know how to effectively implement successful MLOps when you are first starting out. Noah Gift’s upcoming Ai+ Virtual Live... Read more
MLOps: 2021’s Must Have Skill
For most practitioners, the machine learning workflow is straightforward. Training, validation, and deploying models can all be done manually. As machine learning pipelines grow more complex and technical risks increase, however, this is no longer scalable either technically or culturally. Manual processes lack robustness and discipline... Read more
2021 Top Trending Machine Learning Topics
Thanks to insights from our ODSC West researchers, attendees, and instructors we’ve pulled together some of the trending machine learning topics of 2021. We’re excited to host some of the leading experts and top contributors in each of these topics. Here are a few of our... Read more
Get Started with MLOps at ODSC Europe with These Sessions
Over the past several years, MLOps has taken on several different meanings depending on whom you are talking to. Building a strong understanding of what it is, and what it can be, can help you effectively employ MLOps to help your organization achieve its goals in... Read more
Simplifying MLOps with Model Registry
Your iPhone tells you exactly what app you’d like to access each morning, Netflix shows you movie previews that are tailored precisely for you, and Grammarly fixes your writing so you sound like your best self! Each of these applications is the product of a team... Read more
Trending Data Science Topics & Tools for 2020
As the entire world has entered a paradigm shift in 2020 due to the virus, trends across every industry may have changed to meet these changing times. In data science and AI, many practitioners and researchers have had to shift their focus to meet the demands... Read more