Essential Programming: Control Structures
If you want to start programming, I must admit that the outlook is not good: different operating systems, so many programming languages, and endless ways of reaching the same results. These are the type of situations that will make you either run away (as fast and... Read more
Building a Scraper Using Browser Automation
Learning to scrape websites for data is essential to becoming a great data scientist. If the data you want to work with isn’t readily available, there’s always a solution, and collecting the data yourself is one of them. There are several ways to go about this—some... Read more
What Model Should I Choose for My Data Science Project?
What to ask yourself when you’re balancing model performance, interpretability, and other costs It might seem silly to bother doing anything other than build the best black box machine learning model possible, as long as it gets good performance. That makes perfect sense on personal projects and Kaggle competitions.... Read more
Stacking models for improved predictions
If you have ever competed in a Kaggle competition, you are probably familiar with the use of combining different predictive models for improved accuracy which will creep your score up in the leader board. While it is widely used, there are only a few resources that I... Read more