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You Must Allow Me To Tell You How Ardently I Admire and Love Natural Language Processing

You Must Allow Me To...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that sentiment analysis is super fun, and Pride and Prejudice is probably my very favorite book in all of literature, so let’s do some Jane Austen natural language processing. Project Gutenberg makes e-texts available for many, many books, including Pride and Prejudice which is available here. I am using […]

Introduction to Natural Language Processing with NLTK

Introduction to Natu...

Hello all and welcome to the second of the series – NLP with NLTK. The first of the series can be found here, incase you have missed. In this article we will talk about basic NLP concepts and use NLTK to implement the concepts. Contents: Corpus Tokenization/Segmentation Frequency Distribution Conditional Frequency Distribution Normalization Zipf’s law […]

Introduction to NLP with NLTK – Part 1

Introduction to NLP ...

Introduction: The idea of using a structured programming language to interact with computers is being challenged by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding methods. NLP holds great promises of making computer interfaces accessible to a wide range of audiences – as humans would be able to talk to computers in their own native […]

Attention and Memory in Deep Learning and NLP

Attention and Memory...

A recent trend in Deep Learning are Attention Mechanisms. In an interview, Ilya Sutskever, now the research director of OpenAI, mentioned that Attention Mechanisms are one of the most exciting advancements, and that they are here to stay. That sounds exciting. But what are Attention Mechanisms? Attention Mechanisms in Neural Networks are (very) loosely based […]

An Introduction to Natural Language Processing

An Introduction to N...

In this lecture, we will focus on text based machine learning techniques and learn how to make use of these techniques to do text classification and analysis. Natural language processing (NLP) is the study of translation of human language into something a computer can understand and manipulate. The areas of study within NLP are diverse […]

Intro to Natural Language Processing

Intro to Natural Lan...

Table of Contents 0.0 Setup 0.1 Python and Anaconda 0.2 Libraries 0.3 Other 1.0 Background 1.1 What is NLP? 1.2 Why is NLP Important? 1.3 Why is NLP a “hard” problem? 1.4 Glossary 2.0 Sentiment Analysis 2.1 Preparing the Data 2.1.1 Training Data 2.1.2 Test Data 2.2 Building a Classifier 2.3 Classification 3.0 Regular Expressions […]

NLP and Effective Topic Modeling with Spark MLLib

NLP and Effective To...

Abstract: The world communicates in text. Our work lives have us treading waist-deep in email, our hobbies often have blogs, our complaints go to Yelp, and even our personal lives are lived out via tweets, Facebook updates, and texts. There is a massive amount of information that can be heard from text — as long […]

Google SyntaxNet

Google SyntaxNet...

Google’s TensorFlow framework spread like wildfire upon its release. The slew of tutorials and extensions made an already robust ecosystem even more so. Recently, Google released one of their own extensions. It’s called SyntaxNet, a TensorFlow based syntactic parser for Natural Language Understanding. SyntaxNet uses neural networks to model the precise relationships between words in […]

Naive Bayes and Spam Detection

Naive Bayes and Spam...

In natural language processing, text classification techniques are used to assign a class to a given text.  For example, in spam detection, the classifiers decides an email belongs to a spam or non spam (ham) class. Deciding what the topic of a news article is, or whether a movie review is positive or negative, Authorship […]