Wikipedia Partners with Meta for Open-Sourced AI to Fact Check New Entries
The world’s largest open-access encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is officially teaming up with Meta AI to fact-check citations as the size of entries continues to rise. Though article growth peaked around 2010, the size of individual articles has continued to grow as time has gone on. This has... Read more
Study Finds Novel Method of Resolving JPEG Compression Defects in Computer Vision Datasets
Artificial intelligence (AI) is only as good as the data you give it. That’s a foundational rule for applying any kind of data analytics effectively, yet it remains a challenge in many cases. It’s particularly challenging with computer vision, thanks to JPEG compression defects. Compression issues... Read more
The Top AI News from 2021 – Advancements in Medicine, Algorithms, and More
Over the course of 2021, the fields of data science and AI have continued to grow and advance. This has led to a significant number of interesting applications and developments that affect society as a whole. Below you will find a few of these applications that... Read more
AI Recently Learned How to Read Time With an Analog Clock — Here’s How
An artificial intelligence model recently learned how to accurately read an analog clock, marking an incredible breakthrough in AI technology. Learning to read an analog clock is a much bigger step for AI than it might sound. It represents AI’s growing ability to interpret the real... Read more
Call for Collaboration: Data Science and COVID-19 – Modeling and Future Assumptions
Update 3/20/2020: An initial conclusion has been made and is added at the bottom of the original article. Update 3/17/2020: This analysis & repository is ongoing. If you’d like to contribute to this open-source project, please email Alex (alex.l@odsc.com) and Ben (ben.vigoda@gamalon.com) to request access to... Read more
Data Science News Week in Review: November 25th
Every week we’re bringing data science news to you… some highlights include reviewing Facebook’s DeepFovea AI, IBM’s Consortium for Sequencing the Food Supply Chain, and more. Read on: Facebook’s DeepFovea AI promises power-efficient VR foveated rendering In a paper released on November 18th, Facebook introduced a... Read more
Deep-Text Analysis for Journalism
The challenges faced by traditional media companies in the digital age are well-documented and numerous. Massive layoffs of journalists, shrinking subscription rolls, and termination of the print editions of many smaller newspapers clearly indicate changing consumer preferences. In order to stay relevant, or even solvent, traditional... Read more