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Transportation Insights Using Jupyter, Dashboards and Spark

Transportation Insig...

jStart is the IBM Cloud Emerging Technologies team. It is responsible for creating prototypes and solutions for companies around the world. jStart is the primary engagement vehicle for IBM to validate emerging technologies while those technologies are in their emergent stage for enterprise business environments. In this case study, Justin Tyberg, shows how the team […]

Uncovering Corruption on the Tennis Court

Uncovering Corruptio...

You have probably heard by now about Buzzfeed’s investigation into match-fixing in tennis. Based on the betting numbers of 26,000 matches, John Templon and Heidi Blake unearthed some of the dark practices in international tennis tournaments. The original data and methodology was recently made public on BuzzFeed’s github repo. And the actual code the journalists […]

Jupyter, Zeppelin, Beaker: The Rise of the Notebooks

Jupyter, Zeppelin, B...

Standard software development practices for web, Saas, and industrial environments tend to focus on maintainability, code quality, robustness, and performance. Scientific programing in data science is more concerned with exploration, experimentation, making demos, collaborating, and sharing results. It is this very need for experiments, explorations, and collaborations that is addressed by notebooks for scientific computing. […]

Apache Zeppelin Walkthrough with Hortonworks

Apache Zeppelin Walk...

Apache Zeppelin notebooks are a recent breed of apache-centric web-based notebooks that bring data exploration and collaboration features to Spark. Similarly to Jupyter notebooks, Zeppelin notebooks are stored in a JSON format and can be made publicly accessible via a Viewer. So far Zeppelin notebooks support Python, Scala, Hive, SparkSQL, shell, and markdown. In this post Ned Shawa, […]