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Top 10 Signs of the Textpocalypse – Steve Cohen ODSC Boston 2015

Top 10 Signs of the ...

Human-generated text may be the next frontier for big data analysis, but we humans are complicated beasts and the text we generate is messy and complicated in ways that can confound analysis. We’ll describe the top ten mistakes people make when they start doing text analysis, and hopefully save you from making a few of […]

Mark Higgins ODSC Boston 2015 – Crowd Sourced Data Science Competitions

Mark Higgins ODSC Bo...

Data science is increasingly relevant for a wide range of companies. Tools and infrastructure for data science are growing but are extremely fragmented. Hiring the right data scientists and creating an environment to host and analyze the data continue to be challenges. Several startups aim to address this problem, and we discuss common approaches and […]

Saul Diez-Guerra at ODSC Boston 2015

Saul Diez-Guerra at ...

What We Learned While Teaching Python and Data Science Pedagogy and lessons learned from teaching an online introductory Python and Data Science courses. This is how we approached the matter, what we learned and where we want to go next. Presenter Bio: Saul Diez-Guerra works as Engineering Lead at Thinkful in New York City, where […]

Peter Bull at ODSC Boston 2015

Peter Bull at ODSC B...

Using your Powers for Good: Data Science in the Social Sector Just like every major corporation today, nonprofits and governments have more data than ever before. And just like those corporations, they are eager to tap into the power of their data. But the social sector doesn’t have the same resources to attract talent. Jeff […]

From BigData to Data Science

From BigData to Data...

From BigData to Data Science: Predictive Analytics in a Changing Data Landscape Slides not available. Presenter Bio: Usama Fayyad, Ph.D. is Chief Data Officer at Barclays. His responsibilities, globally across Group, include the governance, performance and management of our operational and analytical data systems, as well as delivering value by using data and analytics to […]

How Women are Conquering the S&P 500

How Women are Conque...

According to Credit Suisse’s Gender 3000 report, at the end of 2013, women accounted for 12.9% of top management in 3000 companies across 40 countries. However, since 2009, companies with women as 25-50% of their management team returned 22-29%. If companies with women in management outperform so dramatically, what would happen if you invested in […]

Gael Varoquaux at ODSC Boston 2015

Gael Varoquaux at OD...

Scikit-Learn for Easy Machine Learning: the Vision, the Tool, and the Project Scikit-learn is a popular machine learning tool. What can it do for you?Why you you want to use it? What can you do with it? Where is it going?In this talk, I will discuss why and how scikit-learn became popular. Iwill argue that […]

Lynn Root at ODSC Boston 2015

Lynn Root at ODSC Bo...

Metric-Driven Development: See the Forest for the Trees At Spotify, my team struggled to be awesome. We had a very loose understanding of what product/service our squad was responsible for, and even less so of the expectations our internal and external customers had for those services. Other than “does our Facebook login work?”, we had […]

Ted Dunning at ODSC Boston 2015

Ted Dunning at ODSC ...

Anomaly Detection In a complex world of rapidly changing information, it’s not easy to find something that is rare – but it’s even harder if you do not know what to look for. In this webinar, Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman, authors of the O’Reilly ebook, Practical Machine Learning: A New Look at Anomaly Detection, […]