Adventures in Using R to Teach Mathematics – Paul Bamberg ODSC Boston 2015
Adventures in using R to teach mathematics from odsc In 2014 I launched a new course, “Mathematical Foundations of Statistical Software,” in the Harvard Extension school, aimed at students with a solid background in calculus. Lectures were a mixture of proofs and R scripts, all homework was done in... Read more
A Hybrid Approach to Data Science Project Management – Elaine Lee ODSC Boston 2015
A Hybrid Approach to Data Science Project Management from odsc In recent years, Data Science evolved into its own profession as a response to the proliferation of data that needed to be analyzed and made actionable — a job that could not be adequately addressed by any single one... Read more
Jumping to Conclusions – Richard Robehr Bijjani ODSC Boston 2015
Jumping to Conclusions from odsc Data Science is the study of the extraction of knowledge from data. What if we extract partial or inaccurate knowledge? This illusion of knowledge would lead us to make wrong decisions, with sometimes disastrous consequences such as in the case of medical diagnosis, security... Read more
Machine Learning Based Personalization Using Uplift Analytics: Examples and Applications – Victor Lo ODSC Boston 2015
Uplift Modeling Workshop from odsc Traditional randomized experiments allow us to determine the overall causal impact of a treatment program (e.g. marketing, medical, social, education, political). Uplift modeling (also known as true lift, net lift, incremental lift) takes a further step to identify individuals who are truly positively influenced... Read more
Feature Engineering – David Epstein ODSC Boston 2015
Feature Engineering from odsc One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of predictive modeling is the transformation of data to create model inputs, better known as feature engineering (FE). This talk will go into the theoretical background behind FE, showing how it leverages existing data to produce... Read more
Vowpal Wabbit – Paul Mineiro ODSC Boston 2015
Vowpal Wabbit from odsc Vowpal Wabbit is both an open-source machine learning toolkit and an active research platform. In this talk I introduce Vowpal Wabbit, discuss some of the design decisions, and the types of problems for which VW is (or is not) a good fit. The talk includes... Read more
Machine Learning for a Pet Insurance Company – TJ Houk & David Jaw ODSC Boston 2015
Machine Learning for a Pet Insurance Company from odsc As an insurance company, we receive a monthly premium from policy holders and in return, we pay claims on veterinary bills. Insurance risk for pet health is relatively uncharted territory; identifying key patterns can affect the company in a big... Read more
Monary: Really fast analysis with MongoDB and NumPy – Anna Herlihy ODSC Boston 2015
Monary from odsc “MongoDB is a scalable, flexible and easy to use way of storing large data sets. Python and NumPy provide a comprehensive toolkit for data analysis. Unfortunately they don’t work together as well as they could: the official Python driver for MongoDB, PyMongo, is inefficient at loading... Read more
Frontiers of Open Data Science Research – Ani Aghababyan ODSC Boston 2015
Frontiers of Open Data Science Research from odsc Keynote Presenter Bio Ani loves writing about herself in third person and has written this all true bio. Ani is a Data Scientist for the Digital Platforms Group in McGraw-Hill Education company. She has a diverse educational background (some say she... Read more
Data Science 101 – Todd Cioffi ODSC Boston 2015
Data Science 101 from odsc Curious about Data Science? Self-taught on some aspects, but missing the big picture? Well, you’ve got to start somewhere and this session is the place to do it. This session will cover, at a layman’s level, some of the basic concepts of Data Science.... Read more