Top 10 Signs of the Textpocalypse – Steve Cohen ODSC Boston 2015
Top 10 Signs of the Textpocalypse from odsc Human-generated text may be the next frontier for big data analysis, but we humans are complicated beasts and the text we generate is messy and complicated in ways that can confound analysis. We’ll describe the top ten mistakes... Read more
Mark Higgins ODSC Boston 2015 – Crowd Sourced Data Science Competitions
Mark higginscrowd sourced_data_science_competitions from odsc Data science is increasingly relevant for a wide range of companies. Tools and infrastructure for data science are growing but are extremely fragmented. Hiring the right data scientists and creating an environment to host and analyze the data continue to be... Read more
How Women are Conquering the S&P 500
How Woman are Conquering the S&P 500 from odsc According to Credit Suisse’s Gender 3000 report, at the end of 2013, women accounted for 12.9% of top management in 3000 companies across 40 countries. However, since 2009, companies with women as 25-50% of their management team... Read more
Peter Bull at ODSC Boston 2015
Using your Powers for Good: Data Science in the Social Sector Using your powers for good: Data science in the social sector from odsc Just like every major corporation today, nonprofits and governments have more data than ever before. And just like those corporations, they are... Read more
Scikit-Learn for Easy Machine Learning: the Vision, the Tool, and the Project Scikit-learn for easy machine learning: the vision, the tool, and the project from Gael Varoquaux Scikit-learn is a popular machine learning tool. What can it do for you?Why you you want to use it?... Read more
Lynn Root at ODSC Boston 2015
Metric-Driven Development: See the Forest for the Trees At Spotify, my team struggled to be awesome. We had a very loose understanding of what product/service our squad was responsible for, and even less so of the expectations our internal and external customers had for those services.... Read more
Ted Dunning at ODSC Boston 2015
Anomaly Detection In a complex world of rapidly changing information, it’s not easy to find something that is rare – but it’s even harder if you do not know what to look for. In this webinar, Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman, authors of the O’Reilly ebook,... Read more
Wes McKinney at ODSC Boston 2015
DataFrames: The Extended Cut DataFrames: The Extended Cut from odsc This talk will give an overview of data frame libraries and toolkits across most languages and systems in use for data science and analytics today. We’ll highlight strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for community work. Presenter... Read more
Bill Disch at ODSC Boston 2015
Modeling in the Healthcare Industry: A Collaborative Approach Modeling in the Healthcare Industry: A Collaborative Approach from odsc Evariant has partnered with, and are using DataRobot for multivariate predictive analytics because it is a flexible, robust, and extremely efficient tool for maximizing our modeling efforts, as... Read more
Winning Data Science Competitions – Owen Zang ODSC Boston 2015
Owen Zhang is no stranger to data science competitions. He has competed in and won several high profile challenges, and is currently ranked 1st out of a community of 200,000 data scientists on Kaggle. This is an opportunity to learn the tips, tricks and techniques Owen... Read more