Can You Make Your System Smarter Than a 4th Grader? Using AI to Answer Questions
You may be smarter than a fifth grader, but the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence is training its machines to be smarter than a fourth grader in science in the Aristo Project, an artificial intelligence-based question answering system. In his lecture at ODSC East 2017, Joel... Read more
Corporate Data Science – Angela Bassa
Presenter: Angela Bassa, Director of Data Science at iRobot Title: Corporate Data Science Level: All, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Type: Premium Training, Non-technical Length: 47 minutes Overview: In this talk, Angela Bassa discusses strategies of building and maintaining successful data science teams in a corporate setting. Bassa... Read more
4 Strategic Takeaways from ODSC 2017
From teams and priorities to communication and crowdsourcing Lux Research recently attended the 2017 Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) in Boston, a large, multi-day event with speakers ranging from Amazon’s Data and Analytics Practice Lead to the U.S. EPA’s Chief Data Scientist. The conference presented a... Read more