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Probabilistic Machine Learning with PyMC3

Probabilistic Machin...

Abstract: Probabilistic Programming is a powerful set of tools which is barely sampled from by the traditional Machine Learning toolbox. PyMC3 is a popular Python library which leverages this power. Learn more about the library – and Probabilistic Programming – from one of the project’s core contributors. Introduction: Dr. Thomas Wiecki of Quantopian spoke at […]

On the Code of Data Science

On the Code of Data ...

The recent ODSC UK conference welcomed Gael Varoquaux, a Computer Science Researcher and key contributor to scikit-learn, to give a keynote address. His speech had a distinctly Pythonic flavor, just as he had warned it would. Mr. Varoquaux began with promoting the integration of common software development methodologies and best practices into the Data Science […]

Data Science for Internet of Things

Data Science for Int...

Bio: Ajit’s work involves applying machine learning techniques to complex problems in the IoT (Internet of Things) and Telecoms domains His research is based on two courses taught by Ajit – Big Data for Telecoms(Oxford University) and the citysciences program (UPM –Technical University of Madrid).His latest book is included as a course book at Stanford University […]

Telling Stories with Data ( 32 min )

Telling Stories with...

How Do You Do It and Why is It Important? Abstract: People don’t remember numbers, they remember stories. If you want to communicate your data-driven findings to an audience, and you actually want people to take action based on them, then you need to be able to tell a compelling story with your numbers. As […]

Hackathon Results, Gates Foundation & ODSC

Hackathon Results, G...

Health. It’s perhaps the thickest thread that runs throughout the human race. What more could we relate than the continuous, futile war against our mortality? In certain areas of the world this war is fought with the most advanced weapons known to man – the best medicines, the best doctors, the best technology. In others, […]