Interview with Remus Lazar, Executive Director at IBM Watson, Moving Models From Experimentation to Production
For large organizations moving data science projects for experimentation to production have always been a challenge.  It requires careful collaboration with both data scientists, technologies and business end users. Once machine learning models are in production it is another challenge to keep them performing well.  Sophisticated... Read more
Editor’s note: The moment you’ve been waiting for: The ODSC West 2017 Recordings are now edited, and we will distribute them THIS WEEK. Keep learning, pre-register for our upcoming webinar and get ready for ODSC East 2018. Last month, another successful edition of the Open Data Science... Read more
Full Stack Data Science at ODSC
Register now for ODSC West and save 60% with code KD60 until September 1st. Data Science is built on a rapidly expanding stack. Let me explain by using a software analogy. To build functioning web apps you need a data store, model (or business) layer, some kind... Read more