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Director for the BDAU interviews the founder of the Open Data Science Conference in London

Director for the BDA...

On the 8th and 9th October, I had the opportunity to attend the Open Data Science Conference in London. In addition to the United Kingdom, the ODSC also occurs on both the East and West Coast of the US, as well as Tokyo. The 2-day conference had an array of speakers presenting problems and solutions […]

Fast Recommendations for Activity Streams Using Vowpal Wabbit

Fast Recommendations...

The problem of content discovery and recommendation is very common in many machine learning applications: social networks, news aggregators and search engines are constantly updating and tweaking their algorithms to give individual users a unique experience. Personalization engines suggest relevant content with the objective of maximizing a specific metric. For example: a news website might […]

Spam Detection in 9 Lines of Code

Spam Detection in 9 ...

By: Charanpal Dhanjal – Machine Learning Researcher – Forebyte The whole business of sending electronic messaging spam started with Gary Thuerk, a marketeer for the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). On May the 3rd, 1978 he sent an email to about 600 recipients on the ARPANET network (an early version of the Internet) selling information about […]

Open Source and Data Science, a perfect match

Open Source and Data...

By: Alex Perrier – ODSC data science team contributor The open source movement has been a force in software development for many years, starting with the A-2 system,1 back in 1953 or the Linux kernel released by Linus Torvalds as freely modifiable source code in 1991. Data science as we know it today with jupyter […]

Bayes’ Theorem and Robot Arms

Bayes’ Theorem and...

By: Jesse Johnson, Software Engineer – Google If you enjoyed Jesse’s presentation at ODSC’s last Boston Big Data Conference come to ODSC East this May to hear out his colleagues. Rather than start with the statement of Bayes’ Theorem, I want to use an old math teacher trick (which I realize many students hate) of […]

Competitive Data Science Outside of Kaggle

Competitive Data Sci...

By: Gordon Fleetwood – ODSC data science team contributor Many Open Data Science Conference speakers like Owen Zhang presenting at ODSC East are also ranked on Kaggle and when people think of competitive Data Science, they think of Kaggle. However, there are other places to compete for fun, profit, and for social good. Kaggle calls […]

Companies impacting Open-source data science

Companies impacting ...

By: Gordon Fleetwood – ODSC data science team contributor All of the these influential companies are represented at ODSC East. Over one hundred renowned Data Scientists will speak to their expertise at our Open Data Science Conference. The philosophy of open-source is extremely important for progress in technology and Data Science. ODSC’s next conference, ODSC […]