Confronting the Curse of Dimensionality
Every data scientist eventually confronts the “Curse of Dimensionality,” or trying to work with a large number of feature variables. Machine learning shines when analyzing data with many dimensions. Humans, on the other hand, are not good at finding patterns that may be spread out across a large number... Read more
Ten Reasons for Doing Public Data Hacking
As a data scientist, I’m data hungry. I’m always looking for new sources of data. A few years ago, I kept noticing new open data repositories coming online. For instance, I was excited to learn about the opening in 2015 of the Los Angeles Open Data website in my... Read more
Operation Data Liberation
I’ve had the opportunity recently to talk to people in several different city governments that are facing a common challenge — how to liberate operational data from a legacy system. This is a challenge that lots of city governments face, and it strikes me that there are some common lessons that... Read more