On indexing operators and composition
In this article I will discuss array indexing, operators, and composition in depth. If you work through this article you should end up with a very deep understanding of array indexing and the deep interpretation available when we realize indexing is an instance of function composition... Read more
Fixing an infelicity in ‘leaps’
The ‘leaps’ package for R is ancient – this is its tenth twentieth year on CRAN.  It uses old Fortran code by the Australian computational statistician Alan Miller. The Fortran 90 versions are on the web, but Fortran 90 compilation with R wasn’t portable back then, so I... Read more
Useful Functions in R
I have listed some useful functions below: with() The with( ) function applys an expression to a dataset. It is similar to DATA= in SAS. # with(data, expression) # example applying a t-test to a data frame mydata with(mydata, t.test(y ~ group)) Please look at other... Read more
Editor’s Note: Jump to the emotion reader application, submit the img url and see what their face says. An API is a way for one piece of software to interact with another application.  API stands for “application program interface” allowing your application or R script to interact with... Read more